Runiverse – New cross-metaverse gaming platform

Runiverse is a new cross-metaverse gaming platform that will be supported by the biggest influencers.

The CEO of Runiverse Davide Bisognin is brother-in-law of Pewdiepie, one of the biggest YouTubers with 110M followers.

Gianluca Vacchi, the Italian businessman, entrepreneur and social media celebrity is also part of the influencer team that supports Runiverse. He has more than 23M followers on Instagram and TikTok.

There is three roles that you can take in the Runiverse ecosystem.

  • Gamers
  • Investors
  • Affiliate Partners


Gamers will be able to play the Runiverse game on Runiverse.Org by connecting your MetaMask wallet to the website.

Check out the Runiverse demo:

You will find a detailed instruction on how to install MetaMask and add the Polygon network:


Investors will be able to buy Mystery Packs after the official launch on 5th February 2023.

Mystery Packs will be purchased through the marketing platform Equeus.

You can already take position and sign up using the link:

Starting from 5th February 2023 you will be able to choose from following Mystery Packs:

All purchases will be performed in USDT on the Polygon chain.

When sending USDT from the exchange to your MetaMark wallet, choose the Polygon network:

You will be able to connect your wallet and choose the Mystery Pack.

Example: DIAMOND Package

Price: $3,499.00
Number of NFTs: 90
APY: 20%
Chance to get a SKIN or TRACK: 10%

This package includes $3,499.00 worth of RUNY tokens. Your monthly $ earnings will depend on the price of the RUNY token.

RUNY price of $0.0268 – $58.3 monthly
RUNY price of $0.0464 – $121 monthly
RUNY price of $0.0802 – $252.3 monthly
RUNY price of $0.1388 – $521.6 monthly

Affiliate Partners

To be eligible to refer partners to Equeus, you need to own at least one Mystery Pack. To stay eligible for commissions, you need to repurchase Mystery Packs every month.

The ENTRY Mystery Pack unlocks 5 affiliate levels. All other Mystery Packs unlock 9 affiliate levels.

To see the detailed Equeus referral plan please click here:

For questions please join our Telegram group:

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