This is my first blog that I’m devoting to online investments. I have made a lot of money with high yield investments. But before I was able to earn a single cent I’ve lost plenty of money.

This blog does not have the intention to promote HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs). It has the intention to warn you that this programs bear a lot of risks. However, if all my warnings don’t help you and there is no way that you will stay away from HYIPS, at least I can help you avoid losses, and even better, help you make money.

I’ve gone through a lot of poor programs this year and last year. However, there were some very good projects like Amazing5 or ForexKIng. But even I’ve made money with those, all projects that followed made me lose again.

But one day a new shining star appeared on the horizon. A new totally revolutionary online investment platform that changed the industry in just a few months. After four months making money like a king, I decided to share my experience with the CRP.center platform with the world. And this is when I started working on my blog.

Two months later CRP closed with a big bang. A dispute with mmgp.ru and ongoing DDOS attacks a lot of investors started to panic and withdrawing their money. That made the CRP administration to close the website.

I doubled my investment with CRP. Ever since I’m looking for new investment opportunities that I’m sharing with my visitors.

All projects introduced on this blog are high yield programs. They offer huge profit opportinities. But they are also associated with huge risks.

I strongly advise not to invest any money in these types of investments that you cannot afford losing.

Please have a good read through 9 1/2 Golden Rules of Investing in HYIPs before you make any investment decisions.

Happy earnings!