OmegaPro – 200% in 16 months with AI Forex trading?

Dear Partners,

if you follow the recent development on the crypto market you’ve probably noticed that cryptocurrency is heading towards the longest bear market in history of Bitcoin.

Many online business have adopted to that situation and migrate their business models towards Forex trading.

Forex can be a very good investment compared to crypto. The advantage of a forex investment is that the trader is using leverage. Forex does not have to look for a buyer to take your position out, any time the trader wants, the trade can be closed during trading hours.

Do Forex traders make money?

Forex is not a get rich quick opportunity. Contrary to what you’ve read on many websites across the web, Forex trading is not going to take your $10,000 account and turn it into $1 million.

But you might find a very skilled Forex trader on broker platforms like Roboforex. Or you can find a company that would manage your funds and do all the work for you without the need to go through a complex registration process on a broker platform. You also might end up choosing the wrong trader and lose money.

OmegaPro is offering that fully automated service to you. You basically choose the package you want to buy and just enjoy passive income which can reach up to 200% in 16 months.

Omega Pro official logo.png

The vision of OmegaPro is to deliver a secure world class trading experience to all clients. OmegaPro continually invests in new technologies and people, to provide clients with a diverse range of trading products and exceptional returns. These are the four business areas OmegaPro will be focussing on:

  • Commodities
  • Indicies
  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrency

OmegaPro markets

OmegaPro is claiming that investors can expect up to 200% return in 16 moths. This graph shows a potential development of monthly profits. The deposit is included in monthly payouts. So the pure profit in this particular example would be 100%.

OmegaPro returns expected profit

Disclaimer: This illustration is an example that is based on good faith estimated by OmegaPro LTD and should not be considered a promise or guarantee, nor an offer to purchase. Trading is highly volatile, the expected return can vary drastically on a daily basis.

There is an important MLM part attached to it as well. These are the type of bonuses you can expect if you refer people to OmegaPro:

  • Direct sales bonus
  • Network bonus
  • Leadership pool

The affiliate plan also feature a very unique 60/30/10 rule that I will explain in more detail. Let’s first review the different affiliate bonuses.

Direct sales bonus

The direct sales bonus is based on your direct sales and equals 5%. This bonus is paid weekly. Example: If your direct partner invests 10.000$ you will earn 500$ commission.

OmegaPro direct sales bonus.png

Note: OmegaPro is collecting a 29$ administration fee from all new members. This is not considered in the commission.

Network Bonus

This is basically a binary bonus which is based on the sales volume in your weaker leg and equals 8%.

Example: You have 5.000$ in your strong leg and 3.000$ in your weak leg. That will make you earn 240$ in binary commissions.

To qualify for the binary bonus you have to have at least one active package in each leg.

Leadership Pool

OmegaPro has implemented three different pools for the top distributors. All three pools contain 1% of the total turnover generated in the company each month.

To qualify for participation in one of the pools you need to reach a certain monthly turnover and a leadership rank.

You will be able to qualify for one of the three pools even if you meet the criteria of all three.

Example: Personal turnover of 60.000$ in your weak leg and 90.000$ turnover in your strong leg and leadership rank Platinum will enable you to participate in pool number 2 only.

OmegaPro pools qualification.png


70/30 rule

Increase your passive income by helping your team to grow.

  • 70% Cash account 
  • 30% Trading account



30% of all earnings from the compensation plan will automatically go to a different e-wallet, for the purpose of trading.

Example: If you earn 1.000$ in commissions, 30% will automatically go to to the trading wallet (300$). You will receive a monthly trading output of 10% to your cash account for the next 12 months, in total 360$.


Trading packages

OmegaPro offers 10 different trading packages ranging from the free package to the Vip Trader package at 50.000$. The bigger the package the higher your cap limit. The cap limit determines your maximum earning per week. That includes your passive income and your affiliate commissions. The free package will only allow you to earn direct sales commissions.

OmegaPro trading packages.png


Leadership Career Plan

The OmegaPro career plan features 9 leadership ranks that would be connected to some very attractive rewards, starting from a pin and ending with a Lamborghini Aventador. In the “Organization” column you will see some additional requirements you need to fulfill to qualify for the rank.

OmegaPro Career Leadership ranks.png

About OmegaPro Management

The management team consists of three individuals:

  • Robert Velghe (founder)
  • Andreas Szakacs (CEO)
  • Dilawar Singh (founder)

OmegaPro Management Team.png

All three individuals have attended the first corporate webinar that took place on the 27th January 2019. Here is the recorded version of it:


One important thing that was mentioned during the webinar is bank guarantee that is supposed to secure all customer funds.. This guarantee does not apply to trading income. Here is a copy of that bank guarantee:

OmegaPro Valens Bank Guarantee
Every investor will have a certificate from the Valens Bank in the back office which guarantees for the deposit.

OmegaPro Certificate of Purchase

Get Started

If OmegaPro lit your fire and made you want to join, please follow the following steps to get started:

  • register an account with OmegaPro using this link
  • navigate to “Shop” in the left navigation panel
  • choose the package you want to buy
  • click “pay by Gateway” and select the means of payment
  • for the time being you can ether pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • after successful payment you will find your package under Profile –> Package History


I hope you liked this review. Feel free to leave a comment or hit me up on Telegram or Facebook if you have any questions.

Happy earnings!



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