SuperOne – Unbiased Review

Dear Community,

in this article we would like to review SuperOne and give you all details we were able to secure.

What is SuperOne?

SuperOne is an entertainment gaming app based on blockchain network to create a community and monetize from premium games & advertising.

Players can enjoy all the fun of a delightful picture quiz with stunning imagery from Getty Images while also being able to challenge friends or play prize and cash tournaments.

This is what is called “skill-based gaming”. This is not gambling. In this particular example, players will be asked if the person shown on the image is Rihanna or not. Players will ask a series of questions that they have to answer with “yes” or “no”. The player with the most correct answers wins.

There will be many different categories, players can choose from: sports, cars, music, movies, animals etc.

Ownership of SuperOne

The team behind SuperOne is a group of highly experienced marketing and technology figures. The team members have been actively involved in global branding, marketing and crypto projects. The team possesses a deep passion for creating and presenting new and great projects to massive audiences.

SuperOne is fully owned by Mowjow which is a gaming company based in London founded in 2013.

Executive Chairman & Founder of Mowjow is Andreas Christensen.

How the business works

SuperOne creates a member community and sells credits and tokens, thereafter they launch and monetize the game and services.

We would like to use the startup analogy here. SuperOne is raising money to be able to launch the platform. Typically, startups would approach business angels or venture capitalists.

However, SuperOne follows a crowdfunding model based on network marketing. The game will start to launch when SuperOne has sold USD 10 million worth of spots.

If you decide to become a member you will have to buy credits and tokens.

  • Credits will be used to enter prize games.
  • Tokens are digital profit shares.

The revenue of SuperOne will come from gaming, advertising and service fees. This revenue will be shared with all community members.


SuperOne digital shares are ERC20 tokens called SRX. You can buy different packages. At press release only 100$ and 500$ were available. Bigger packages will be released at a later stage.

The token price follows a smart algorithm and was 0.029$ at press release. The price will grow linearly in correlation with the token amount sold.

The token distribution model is illustrated below.

When the token price hits 2$, the game and the private exchange will launch simultaneously summer 2020. Priority members will be offered exclusive trading prior to that.

The financial outlook shows the projected monetization, revenue, profit and market cap.

The Network Plan

There is a very comprehensive network plan attached to SuperOne. There are three different ways for networkers to earn:

  • SuperBinary for massive residual rewards
  • SuperMatch for rockstar rewards from your team
  • SuperCode for fast-track to serious rewards

Referral commissions will be paid in Ethereum in real-time. Notifications come instantly to your mobile phone.

By placing a member in either legs holding tank, the system calculates rewards in real time. Optional usage for personally enrolled members but limited to a maximum of 7 days. The binary pays 5% on the weaker leg with a $25 package and 10% from the $100 package.

SuperMatch is an extremely powerful rank-based bonus enabling extensive matching rewards up to a massive 40%.

SuperCode provides 10% infinite rewards for every first three sales by a member in your entire downline and a 100% bonus on every third rewards.

How to join?

SuperOne is a so-called Web3 blockchain based service and you need an Ethereum crypto wallet to join.

On desktop: a computer running the desktop version of Google Chrome with the MetaMask add-on installed.

On mobile: a smartphone with Trust Wallet installed.

It is free to join SuperOne, but if you want to buy spots you will also need a minimum of USD 25 in ETH + transaction fee available.

You will find a very detailed instruction on how to join SuperOne here:

For experiences crypto users

If you’re an experienced crypto user, you can join within a few minutes in three steps.

1. Prepare a wallet

We recommend using Trust Wallet.

To download the Trust Wallet from the Apple iOS App store, go here:

To download the Trust Wallet from the Google Play store for Android, please go here:

Follow the instructions in the app and set up your Trust Wallet account.

2. Buy Ethereum

We recommend that you buy ETH from Coinbase but first you need to open an account. Then you can buy Ether with your credit card. Thereafter you will need to transfer Ether to the Trust Wallet you created above.

To sign up to Coinbase, please go here:

Please follow Coinbase’s instructions on creating your account then start purchasing ETH from Coinbase. Please also see here:

3. Join and buy package

Use Trust Wallet’s browser and go to

  • Make sure your desired Ether wallet is active in Trust Wallet.
  • Insert referral name “Limbix” in the field or paste link in browser.
  • Join for free and go to the account section for overview.
  • Go to “Buy Spots” and select your desired package and pay.

Your purchase will be mined and after some minutes it will be shown.

Optional: Notifications and sharing

You have the option to receive instant notifications about commissions via Telegram.

Join and enter your ETH address you used to sign up in SuperOne.

Final words

We hope you enjoyed our SuperOne review.

If you want to learn more about SuperOne or want to receive instant updates, please join our Telegram group:

Best regards,

SuperOne Maniacs

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