HYIP = High Yield Investment Program

Usually, HYIPs do not conduct real activity in their stated fields (exchange trade, manufacturing, sports betting, etc.), and work according to the pyramid principle, making payments only by means of attracting new investments to the project.

I strongly recommend treating these projects with extreme caution, because, despite the undisputed fact of high yield, this type of investment is, at the same time, extremely risky.

Super Stars

This section includes projects that have the potential to outperform all other similar programs.

High Potentials

This section includes projects that I believe have a high potential to deliver good profits long term.

Mid Potentials

This section includes projects that deliver good performance but probably won’t last as long as the high potentials because of their nature.


This section includes projects that I’m testing before I judge their potential.

Watch List

This section includes project that I’m watching without having an active deposit in.

Latest Scams

This section includes projects that stoped paying so went out of business.


Trust Management

This type of investment is performed by means of the transfer of the funds to an agent or a group of agents for management and further use in some business area. The profit is distributed between an agent and investor on the terms set out in the agreement. Unlike HYIP-projects, this type of investment isn’t so profitable, however it’s considered to be one of the safest.


Equity Participation

It should be taken into account, that the type of investment under consideration is reliable, but still can be influenced by circumstances of insuperable force and other factors to the extent supposed by the idea of investment as such. As a rule, equity acquisition means conduct, development and financial support of business by a group of individuals. Distinctive features of such investment are higher minimum threshold of entry and long terms of participation. The format of the projects presented on our platform is determined by buying a share of expected profits. The size and terms of receiving dividends are accorded beforehand with the administration and stated in the proper agreement. All other conditions depend directly on these criteria. In average practice the invested funds are reimbursed to the investor during the specified time-limits, after which can’t be returned. The exceptions are some individual conditions, stated in an additional agreement signed by both parties.


RCB = Referal Commission Back


FAST = HYIPs with monthly profit >61%


MID = HYIPs with monthly profit 15%-60%


SLOW = HYIPs with monthly profit <15%


Scam = HYIP that stopped paying