MarketPeak – Compehensive Review

Dear crypto enthusiasts,

in this review we want to discuss the innovative digital platform MarketPeak. This is probably the most overlooked platform in the crypto space.

MarketPeak incepted back in May 2019 with the vision to connect artificial intelligence, Fintech, cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Tokenization with retail investors.

The problem that MarketPeak is solving has two aspects, one concerns Blockchain startups and one is targeting investors and buyers.

Blockchain StartUps & Companies

  • Lack of marketing capabilities
  • Limited advertising opportunities
  • No focus on product development

Investors & Buyers

  • No access to exclusive conditions & prices for projects and products
  • Lack of knowledge to review projects. Higher probability to fall for a scam.
  • Going through the KYC process for every project again and again
  • No commissions for recommending good projects to others

MarketPeak offers the solution

MarketPeak offers an infrastructure and sufficient number of active members to allow fundraising projects to benefit from economies of scale.

Focusing to deliver the best marketing, good education, and strong reviewing.

How it works

MarketPeak has a lot of expertise on the team and has a robust process in place that allows them to select the best crypto ventures for their portfolio.

They invest in projects like the most promising ICOs and STOs. They invest in various crypto assets and trading signals. And probably the best rewarding investment is education that includes sales and marketing.

Members can participate in MarketPeak by purchasing the PEAK token that is already listed on 5 Top-30 exchanges.

Community members will be rewarded for helping to grow the community by referring new people to MarketPeak.

Key features for community members are:

  • One-time KYC for all projects
  • Early entrance in projects at the stage of private sale
  • Quality control of projects published on the platform
  • Maximum discount for registered users
  • Reviewing of all listed projects
  • Rewards for community

Lots of horsepower on the team

How does MarketPeak make sure they pick the right projects and products? Quite simple. A lot of expertise in the crypto space.

The CEO of MarketPeak is Sergej Heck who is a successful book author, global marketing expert and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

He founded and owns, platforms that provide crypto news and education on cryptocurrency opportunities.

The CSO (Chief Security Officer) is David Glades. David managed several portfolios and various investments in various industries.

The CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is Benjamin Bendig. Benjamin brings in a lot of IT experience. After being involved in multiple projects, his most recent adventures have been lead developer at Blockchain banking startup Bitwala, after which he co-founded Blockchain ticketing startup Based Global, filling the CTO and MD role.

The company

MarketPeak is incorporated in the Dubai Silicon Oasis.

You can verify the Service License using the License Number.

How to participate

The MarketPeak token has moved from 0,05 USD (October 2019) to 0,12 USD (June 2020) which is a 140% gain in 8 months.

You can simply buy the token on any of the five exchanges and benefit from price movements.

Buying of one of the membership packages will offer you additional benefits though.

Depending on the package you will select, you will get additional affiliate commissions and additional education products. On top of that: The bigger your package, the bigger your monthly rewards and bonuses.

All contracts are good for 32 months. Your so-called minting bonus will be paid for 12 months.

Example: Enterprise Package

You pay 4.500 USD in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether USD and get 4.5% monthly minting bonuses for 12 months. Starting with month 13 your deposit will be unlocked and you can withdraw 5% monthly for the next 20 months.

The total percentage after 32 months will be 154% which is essentially 54% pure profit. On top of that you will benefit from growing token prices.

Members can select from 3 Premium Packages: Silver, Gold and Diamond.

Leasing of PEAK-Mining Software

Minting is the process by which users on a PoS (proof of stake) blockchain verify transactions and receive new coins for their participation. Proof of Stake (PoS) concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins he or she holds.

Below chart shows you the opportunity you have with MarketPeak.

How PEAK price can go up?

Many coins and tokens have no real value because there are no use cases. This is different with PEAK. PEAK is a utility token that can be used for:

  • Discounts on projects, products, and services
  • Participation in exclusive offers
  • More rewards for affiliates
  • More voting rights for publishing of projects and products
  • Distribution of airdrops from projects offered
  • On top of that 90% of PEAK tokens will be given back to the community

Different other factors will influence the token price:

  • Community growth
  • Profits from listed projects & products at MarketPeak
  • Usage of PEAK token
  • Media attention
  • Innovation of technology

How can you earn as an affiliate partner?

The affiliate program of MarketPeak offers additional earning opportunities to people who help to grow the community.

There are 5 types of rewards:

  • Direct Sales Bonus
  • Cycle Step Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Career Bonus
  • Global Bonus

Direct Sales Bonus

Direct bonuses are paid based on your direct sales across 8 levels. To qualify for direct bonuses, you need to have an active package.

  1. Level – 10%
  2. Level – 4%
  3. Level – 2%
  4. Level – 1%
  5. Level – 1%
  6. Level – 1%
  7. Level – 0.5%
  8. Level – 0.5%

Example: If someone in your second line will buy a 2000 USD package, you will receive a 80 USD direct sales bonus.

Cycle Step Bonus

This type of bonuses is based on a binary system. Depending on the package your own you will receive between 4% and 8% binary bonus from your weaker leg.

You basically position your team members on your right and your left leg and collect so-called PV (Point Volume). 1 PV = 1 USD.

Once you reach 1000 PV in your weaker leg, you will be rewarded with 8% (4% if you invested 125 USD only).

Please see an example below:

The maximum payments per day for a cycle step bonus is determined by your career rank.

Matching Bonus

The matching bonus increases your binary bonus by 5% across the first 5 levels.

Career Bonus

To hit career ranks you need to qualify with your team volume. The wider your structure, the lower the team volume you need to generate.

In other words: The more people your help to grow the easier you can rank up.

Example: To hit the Advanced rank you need 400,000 USD team volume if you help 3 partners to hit rank 3. However, if you help 4 people to hit rank 2, you will only need 250,000 USD team volume. Your career bonus will be 6,000 USD.

Global Bonus

Global bonuses will be paid to member who reach extraordinary achievements.

Example: If you help one of your personally sponsored partners to achieve the Super Star rank you will be rewarded with 3% from the global commission pool.

Marketing Plan Overview

Below chart shows you a summarized view on the affiliate program.


MarketPeak has already held various events in different countries. The most recent corporate event took place in Dubai.

The next big corporate event is planned for September 2020 to be held in Antalya, Turkey.


MarketPeak is running regular promotions that help members to earn prizes like an iPhone 11 Pro or the new MacBook Pro.

Additional Benefits

MarketPeak members will have a chance to apply for a crypto VISA card issued by TRASTRA.


We believe MarketPeak is a great opportunity that not only helps its members to earn passive income, but also offers a great set of additional benefits.

MarketPeak has huge ambitions and goal. Let us name just e few:

  • Target PEAK price between 0.75 USD and 1.00 USD
  • Become Top 200 at
  • 50,000 members from 50 countries
  • Listing on major exchanges
  • Own crypto wallet

How to start

To sign up with MarketPeak please use the following link:

Please enter your details and confirm your registration clicking on the link you will receive by email.

To choose your package go to “Dashboard” and click on the package you want to buy.

Choose the currency you want to buy with.

“Direct Bitcoin Payment” basically means that you will pay from your external wallet.

“Internal Bitcoin Payment” means that you will pay from your balance.

Choose the direct option if you have no balance and pay the package.

How to withdraw

Your monthly minting profit will be credited to your balance on the day you bought the package.

Example: If you bought your package on 23rd June, your first minting reward will occur on 23rd July.

You will be able to send your PEAK tokens to any of the 5 exchanges and sell them.

We hope you liked our review.

We would to welcome you in our team.

For further questions please join our Telegram group:

Best regards,

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