Age Of Mars – New Play To Earn Game

Elon Musk plans to send a million colonists to Mars by 2050! What if I told that there is already people colonizing Mars already? Where? In the Metaverse!

What to become Mars colonist as well? Check out the brand new Play To Earn game and secure a piece of Mars today!

Age Of Mars

Play To Earn Games are the new trend in the gaming space. Not only is it entertaining, you can also get some real financial rewards by playing them.

The gaming industry is huge, but Play To Earn is still a niche.

With 3 Billion gamers across the global, only 10 Million are involved in Play To Earn gaming. So the potential is huge.

Age Of Mars is the Virtual Colonization Of Mars.

Using Blockchain technology, Age Of Mars is creating a universe centered around Mars to attract a global community of gamers.

The Game Logic Behind

First stage of the game is to create a habitable plan, by obtaining water, generating oxygen and producing rocket fuel. Rocket fuel will help to power space ships to distribute products between territories of Mars. The game will provide four basic assets at the beginning:

  1. NFT Aqua – Water collectors
  2. NFT Planta – Greenhouses with plants
  3. NFT Motus – Fuel plants

Every game asset is a NFT (Non-fungible token) which is a unique digital asset on the Blockchain and is strictly limited in quantity.

All game assets have a unique design, unique parameters and rarity characteristics.

MRT Token

MRT (Mars Resource Token) is a utility token with unlimited issuance. MRT is traded on the PancakeSwap exchange.

All three liquid resources produced by game assets NFT Aqua, NFT Planta and NFT Motus can be converted to MRT.

Martian Virtual Land

The fourth NFT asset is called NFT Terra. This NFT type represents Martian Virtual Land generating MMT tokens.

MMT is a governance token with 300 million maximum supply.

The only way to obtain NFT Terra is to combine all three liquid assets (WR, OX and FL).

MMT is also the main token of the Age Of MetaMars Universe.

Age Of Mars is the world’s first Blockchain game where the majority of tokens will be distributed through the Play To Earn concept.

6 Different Rarity Types

Each game asset is represented by NFTs with 6 rarity ranks.

Price of NFTs differ depending on the rarity. It starts with common NFT which is 100$ and ends with legendary which is 10,000$.

Every NFT type has a certain daily profitability which ranges from 240 tokens to 38,329 tokens.

By upgrading your NFTs you can increase profitability by up to 101%.

E.g. you can increase your daily profit on the common NFT from 240 to 345 tokens daily by upgrading it to level 10.


As soon as you own at least two Level 10 NFTs you can start minting new NFTs. If you combine two Level 10 NFTs and some tokens you can either get a new NFT or a Mint Box.

There is different rarity types of Mint Boxes. The rarer the Mint Box, the better the content.

You will have maximum 6 mints. With every mint the probability to get a Mint Box rises. Also the quality of the Mint Box increases.

Income Streams

With Age Of Mars you have six income streams:

  • NFT Profitability – Your NFT generates tokens every 24 hours.
  • Price increase of in-game tokens.
  • Price increase of NFT assets.
  • NFT upgrade – Upgrading will increase the profitability of your NFTs.
  • Minting – Generating new NFTs by combining two Level 10 NFTs.
  • NFT Profitability Boost – Increase the performance of your NFTs by playing the game.

There is several game modes that help you to boost your NFTs:

  • Campaign – Developing your own base and mining liquid resources.
  • P2P – Competitive game mode that allows interaction between players.
  • Teams – Connect with other players and build bases together.

Gaming Mode For Partners And Influencers

Active partners and influencers will be rewarded for growing the gaming community. There is three types of rewards that can be earned:

  • Buy Bonus – 12% of all NFT purchases.
  • Profit Bonus – 80% of global NFT profit
  • Leadership pools – 10% of the global NFT profit

Your career rank will determine the amount of your rewards will be. Ranks are tied to five key parameters:

  • The number of NFT Aqua you own
  • The rarity of your rarest NFT
  • Volume of NFTs purchased in your direct line
  • Volume of NFTs purchased in your entire team
  • Ranks of your partners

One leg/branch can only contribute with 60% to your team volume.

Buy Bonus

The 12% Buy Bonus will be distributed according to the table below:

Example: If you have achieved rank M4, you will get 3,5% direct commissions, 2,5% from your second line and 1,5% from your third line.

Profit Bonus

The 80% Profit Bonus will be distributed across maximum 12 levels.

Whenever your team members earn rewards, you earn a share of that.

Example: If you have achieved rank M2, you earn 10% of profits of your partners. 6,5% from your second line. 4,5% from your third line. 2% from your fourth line. 0,5% from your fifth line.

If you direct partner earns 100 tokens, you get rewarded with 10 tokens.

Leader Bonus

The most active partners and influencers will be placed in the global pools.

These type of rewards start with rank M6.

Example: If you achieve rank M6, you will be placed in the 1% global pool. 1% of all global income will be distributed amongst all M6 qualifiers.

How To Start Play And Earn

To start earning you need to perform three simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Complete a simple registration process

Click on your registration link, complete the form and hit “Sign Up”.

Registration Link:

Log in with your email and password.

  • Step 2 – Buy your first NFT

First, replenish your balance.

Go to My Resources and hit “Add Funds”.

Choose your payment option and hit “CREATE AN INVOICE”

Send any amount bigger than 10 USD to the address shown.

Now click “Buy NFT” and choose your NFT.

Buy your NFT.

  • Step 3 – Place your NFT on the playing field

Go to “TO THE GAME” and hit “PLAY ON THE MAP”.

Choose your NFT Aqua from your NFT Inventory and place it on the map.

60 minutes after you placed your Water Collector you will start earning WR tokens.

Collect and Upgrade

Click on the water container above your Water Collector to collect your WR tokens.

Once you have enough WR you can click on your Water Collector and perform the upgrade.

To get back to your dashboard, click NFT Marketplace at the bottom of your Game Screen.


We hope you like the game and will join our community of gamers.

If you need support or have questions please join our Telegram group:

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