Super.One — Gaming meets Networking and Blockchain Technology

We are introducing SuperOne, our new smart platform, created and owned by Mowjow.


A new gaming experiece

With SuperOne, we are capitalising on all our efforts and experiences over the years and have created a modern gaming and community platform based on blockchain. We call it The Future Today.

SuperOne unites crypto and mobile gaming with a uniquely thrilling concept, focusing on Asia and millennials amidst a global audience of 2 billion.

The SuperOne game concept is an upgraded version of the Mowjow game. We are utilising the same underlying technology and content. However, we have made some material improvements like;

  • A fresh new swipe interface for smoother gameplay
  • A stronger focus on football and sports
  • A tinderly social playmate game that will rock!
  • A range of collectible game nuggets
  • A better and positive advertising experience

All in a new super fresh, fast and user friendly app!

We believe the evolution from our early days has been super! Have a look at this exciting video and learn more about the upgraded game.

Key game improvements

We have gained valuable knowledge with our earlier game releases and firmly believe the upgraded version will materially improve the player experience. Below you can have a closer look at some of these new features.

Fresh new swipe interface

Think of all the people commuting on packed trains in Asia every day. They genuinely need one hand to hold the rail; what do you think they do with their free hand? Yes, surfing and playing games, of course! Therefore we have created this super-easy new swiping interface. Now players could swipe themselves to thrilling prices.

Stronger focus on football

Football is the world’s leading sport and the top three clubs have 1.5 billion fans. Many fans are dedicated supporters with a lot of detailed knowledge and well accustomed to spending money on accessories, matches and even betting. Focusing on leading clubs will potentially engage a massive player base from the outset.

Stronger focus on big sports

Sports engage people and are highly commercial. Sports stars are massive influencers with a significant impact on people. Apart from the global desire for football, we will focus on substantial regional sports like cricket, baseball, tennis and American football. These sports have vast and attractive audiences.

Exciting playmate games

People play games to compete and interact with other people. The social component is tremendously important to keep people engaged. The new playmate game opens a whole new dimension in social gaming and enables the formation of new, unique, and bonding relationships. This feature will spark ultra-high retention.

Collectable game nuggets

With the collectable game nuggets, we incentivise players to win or purchase game assets, helping them to better gameplay. The nuggets provide players with free passes and other benefits. These nuggets are also informative and can help the player to raise their game. The limited editions are set to become attractive collectables.

Positive advertising experience

With advertisements embedded naturally into the gaming experience, the players boost a positive sentiment towards cooperative brands. This native and close encounter with branded games render premium advertising rates combined with better user experience.

Key takeaway

We think the upgraded version of the game addresses some essential matters in making the gaming experience better. These improvements, combined with a massive marketing campaigns, are instrumental in boosting the game when relaunching spring 2020.


A new millennial community

Digital services are changing our lifestyles. The millennial generation is true digital natives sparking new behaviours. The formation of an extensive and engaging millennial community is an essential part of SuperOne’s strategy.

SuperOne aims to gather one million happy millennials providing an attractive commercial force and launchpad.

Profit sharing

SuperOne’s profit-sharing concept means community members can claim their stake. Direct participation via buying blockchain-based tokens (“digital shares”), genuinely opens profit sharing.

A thriving alliance of community members potentially represents a tremendous source of capital, without Mowjow abating ownership.

We believe the community network strategy is fascinating. Please have a look at this video and learn more about how the concept works.

Community opportunity

SuperOne’s approach is to unite millennials in a highly rewarding realm where they could enjoy both entertainment and digital services.

Gaming as the perfect catalyst

Gaming is the world’s biggest entertainment industry. SuperOne is using the popularity of gaming as the perfect catalyst to build a large and bustling community.

Complementary digital services

Complementing gaming, SuperOne will provide digital services related to money, shopping and travel via partnerships. With cognitive intelligence gathered from the skill-based games, SuperOne can render uniquely tailored offerings to its community members.

Key takeaway

We believe our games designed for hyper-virality will be a powerful catalyst in recruiting a massive number of users to the community network. Likewise, the boom in new digital services provides SuperOne with an excellent opportunity to monetise its community beyond gaming.


Summary and registration


An entertainment gaming app based on blockchain network to create a huge community and monetise from premium games & advertising.
We monetise from advertising, game credits and service fees.

  • SuperOne is for gamers as well as crypto enthusiasts of all levels.
  • The combo of exciting gameplay and tangible, instant rewards is thrilling and infinitely rewarding where you can swipe yourself to amazing prizes and raise your interests to the ultimate level!

Key benefits:

🟡Real time blockchain rewards in crypto

🟡Rewards sent directly to your own wallet

🟡Notifications instantly sent to mobile when payment is made

🟡10% Super binary for massive residual rewards

🟡10% Super match on binary rewards from your team

🟡10% Supercode bonus to infinity

🟡Binary pays 10% from $100 package

🟡10% infinite rewards for every first 3 sales a member in your entire downline

🟡100% bonus on every third rewards

🟡To qualify for SUPER CODE BONUS each package is: $500, $1500, $5000

Check out the Business Presentation:


Still in Prelaunch

Register Now 👉

Trust Wallet and Super One


Step 1.
If you’ve not previously registered for an account with “Trust Wallet” please click the following link, download and follow the prompts to get setup;

👉Set up a trust wallet —

⚠ ⚠SUPER IMPORTANT⚠ Please be sure to write down on two separate pieces of paper and securely store the 12 “Recovery Phrases” which are shown when setting up.

If you lose these 12 keywords and they are not kept in the right order you will lose all access to your account forever

Step 2. As soon as you’ve got your Trust Wallet setup tap on “Browser” below which is the DAPP (the 4 squares)

Step 3. Up top where it says “Search or enter website URL” type in

Step 4. When you get to the next screen which is the Super.One home page tap on the “Join Now” button, than enter the following code


Or 👉

Join telegram alerts bot:

👉Enter your ETH “receive”address from your trust wallet.

🥇To receive instant notifications when a commission is received!

If you need further assistance, please join our Telegram Group:

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