MuQuant Review – Decentralized Arbitrage Trading

Generating passive income through cryptocurrency can be achieved in various ways, such as staking, yield farming, or finding a skilled trader to increase your cryptocurrency holdings. However, finding a trustworthy and successful trader with a proven track record can be challenging, and entrusting them with your funds is a considerable risk.

What if there was a fully decentralized platform that could execute trades for you in a trustless manner? That’s where MuQuant comes in.

MuQuant utilizes flash loans, which are uncollateralized loans approved, executed, and repaid in a single transaction through self-executing smart contracts. By acquiring capital from DeFi protocols, MuQuant carries out trades on decentralized exchanges.

Let’s take a look at an example trade:

On Curve, DAI/USDC is trading at $1, while on UniSwap, it’s trading at $0.99. A trader can leverage this opportunity using a flash loan as shown in Figure A:

Take out a flash loan of 100,000 DAI from Aave.

Exchange 100,000 DAI for 101,010 USDC on UniSwap.

Exchange 101,010 USDC for 101,010 DAI on Curve.

Repay the 100,000 DAI loan plus a 0.09% fee, resulting in a total of 100,900 DAI for Aave.

Keep 110 DAI as profit.

This entire process occurs through a smart contract in a single transaction, taking approximately 3 seconds on the BSC network. No capital is required, and there’s no risk of losing your capital. You only pay a small gas fee, usually less than 10 cents, when sending the transaction.

MuQuant Profit Sharing

MuQuant also offers an attractive profit-sharing model.

Members join by locking USDT in the vault for 12 months, after which a monthly 10% unlock begins. Depending on the chosen package, members can earn monthly profits ranging from 7% to 15%, paid in MUQT tokens—the native token of the platform. MUQT follows a specific price algorithm, which we will discuss later.

Let’s consider an example to understand the payout structure:

To receive the highest monthly payout of 15%, an investment of $30,000 is required. The monthly payout is fixed in dollars but paid out in tokens. As the token price increases, the number of tokens received decreases. For instance, with a token price of $0.10, you would receive 45,000 tokens per month, while with a token price of $1, you would receive 4,500 tokens per month.

MUQT price algorithm

The simplified function for the relationship between the token price, the total invested capital and profit is:

MUQT’s price algorithm indicates that the token price reaches $1 when the capital and profit scale reaches $3.892 million.

Similarly, at scales of $16.2 million and $55.12 million, the token price reaches $10 and $100, respectively.

With potential token price fluctuations, it’s possible to earn multiples of the predefined 15% monthly profit. For example, if you earned tokens at a rate of $0.50 but sold them at $5, you would earn a potential return of 150% per month instead of 15%.

Example: You earned tokens at a rate of $0.50 but sold them at a rate of $5. That is potentially 150% per month instead of 15%.

MuQuant Packages

MuQuant offers packages starting from as little as $10, with higher investments resulting in higher monthly percentages. Each package has an earning cap, allowing you to earn from 300% to 500%, including referral commissions.

Every package has a specific earning cap. You can earn from 300% to 500% depending on the package and that includes referral commissions.

Once the 300% to 500% are reached, you must repurchase to keep earning.

Example: You have a $1’000 package and earn 7% a month. On that package you can earn maximum $3’000 which is $2’000 net. Once you earned $2’000 net, you must increase your investment to continue earning. The initial $1’000 will be locked for 12 months.

MuQuant Referral Model

MuQuant’s referral model is competitive and sustainable. Uni-level commissions are based on your partners’ earnings and paid out 10 levels deep. The commissions are primarily paid in USDT, with 20% of level one commissions and 5% of level one commissions paid in MUQT.

All uni level commissions are paid in USDT, except for 20% of level one commissions. In other words, 20% of first level commissions are paid in USDT and 5% of first level commissions are paid in MUQT.

MuQuant features a very lucrative career system that allows you to earn commissions to infinite levels.

Once you qualify for at least Q1 you will be eligible for 10% commissions from infinite levels.

To do so you need to have invested $500 yourself and have $30’000 team volume.

To rank up to Q2 you need to have 3 x Q1 in three different legs. That will lift you to 15% infinite commissions.

If you are Q2, your earnings from Q1 will be 5% which is the difference between 15% (Q2) and 10% (Q1).

Example: Mike is Q2 and earns 15% infinite commissions. Greg is Q1 and earns 10% infinite commissions. Mike will earn 5% infinite commissions from Greg’s team.

How to join MuQuant

To join MuQuant, you need a decentralized wallet on the Binance Smart Chain, such as TrustWallet, MetaMask, or TokenPocket. USDT is the accepted payment method for MuQuant packages, and as it is an invite-only opportunity, you will need a referral link from your sponsor.

To begin, enter the referral link in your decentralized wallet’s browser and navigate to the vault section.

You don’t have a referral link yet?

Feel free to grab ours:

Enter the desired USDT amount and click “APPROVE.”

Welcome to MuQuant!

Still have questions? Join our Telegram group:

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