Meta Bounty Hunters – Official Launch Imminent!

Dear readers,

if you stumbled over our Meta Bounty Hunters Review, you are in the know. This is promised to become the biggest NFT project of 2022!

There are more than 28000 people waiting in the Discord channel for the Public Mint to start on 17th February 2022.

The Whitelist Mint has already started on 10th February. If you read our initial review and took action, you can now mint your first Meta Bounty Hunter.

Here are the steps to take:

You will need 0,65 ETH on your MetaMask wallet that you used for whitelisting.

Step 1: Enter the official URL into your MetaMask wallet browser (on mobile) or your Google Chome browser with MetaMask extension.

Step 2: Hit the “MINT YOUR META BOUNTY HUNTERS” button.

Step 3: You will be taken to the Mint page. Choose the amount and click “MINT” to mint your first Meta Bounty Hunter.

Step 4: Confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.

Congratulations and welcome to the family! You will see this screen now:

Your unique Meta Bounty Hunter will be revealed on 19th February 2022.

If you are still not registered but want to be part of the family, please click here.

Join the official channels if you don’t want to miss any news on Meta Bounty Hunters!

Telegram Channel:

Telegram group:




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