Edain Technologies – Comprehensive Review

Dear crypto enthusiast,

the world is changing. The pandemic situation has changed the way we do business. Digitalization has accelerated in many ways. We see many businesses moving to online, we see cryptocurrencies emerging and metaverses being created. With Facebook’s recent announcement of rebranding to Meta, this trend has only gained speed.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has now become more important than ever. Also the demand for knowledge has become greater.

Edain Technologies

Edain is an AI-powered knowledge creation ecosystem whose purpose is to make knowledge accessible through innovative applications.

One of the applications is called Prisma Analytics. Prisma Analytics delivers the world’s knowledge in a box. You all know Google. It allows you do a simple search and it is scanning all websites for the key words you entered.

Prisma Analytics goes beyond that. It adds intelligence to your search and combines many search criteria into one intelligent search.

Example: You search for “Elon Musk and Tesla” and you want to know which media in which geography talks about these two topics. As a result you get a world map that shows you in which geographies there is the most media activity.

Well, that can be helpful in many decisions, be it financial, political or social decisions.

About Prisma Analytics

Hardy F. Schloer is CTO & Founder of Prisma Analytics. He is also the inventor of the C+8 technology that is being used to build the Prisma Analytics apps.

He is an ICT Scientist and an International Business and Government Consultant who is currently based in Germany and Malaysia. His book The Quantum Relations Principle is summarizing his knowledge and expertise very well.

Edain customers are able to buy the book through their backoffices along with the Edain token that we will discuss a bit later.

The second founder is Dr. Heiner Pollert. He is also Lead Investor with the Patenpool Group.

In this video you can watch both talking about Edain Technologies:

You will also see Dell people talk about Edain Technologies in this video (minute 49).

Adrian McDonald is the EMEA President of Dell Technologies and talk about the Dell collaboration with Edain and Prisma Analytics.


CryptoDATA is an another important stakeholder that teamed up with Prisma Analytics and Dell Technologies to launch Edain.

BTC Manager was reporting about that: https://btcmanager.com/prisma-analytics-dell-technologies-cryptodata-tech-official-launch-edain-utility-token/

CryptoDATA Tech is a Romanian company that operates in the areas of cyber-security, encrypted telecommunications, and artificial intelligence to provide IT solutions using Blockchain technology.

One of CryptoDATA’s products is the BASM secured laptop based on Blockchain technology. CryptoDATA’s products can be purchased online or in one of the offline stores.

The first Blockchain secured laptop offers integral protection for access and transmission of data for your daily tasks.

It features hardware separated operating systems, secured with a private key. That makes it possible to use the laptop as a cold cryptocurrency wallet.

Edain customers are able to buy the laptop through their back offices.

EAI – native crypto asset of Edain

EAI is the native cryptocurrency of Edain that will be used to get access to the C+8 Knowledge Apps.

The total supply is 470,000,000 EAI.

The EAI tokens (also called tradable license keys) are currently in the Early private sale stage and can be purchased at $0.20.

During Edain’s presale period beginning on 29.09.2021 and ending 28.09.2022, Edain Technologies will offer 50%, or 235,000,000 (two hundred thirty-five million) of the fixed EAI allotment for sale to the general public at a tiered, discounted rate. (Please refer to https://edain.ai/tokenomics for details).

The token distribution will follow the model below:

How to get involved with Edain?

Edain Technologies has a very important network marketing element attached to their ecosystem.

Network marketing has proven to be the most effective way to grow a customer base.

Customers will be able to choose from 10 packages. Every package includes EAI tokens. Some packages include:

  • The Quantum Relation Principle” book signed by the C+8 Technology creator, Dr. Hardy F. Schloer
  • C+8 Technology® Certificate
  • BASM laptop

Starting with Package 4 a BASM laptop will be included.

Package 4 costs $1,499 and comes with 9,069 EAI tokens.

If you get your package before 18th November you will receive 30% EAI tokens.

Compensation Plan

The Edain compensation plan allows you to earn three types of affiliate commissions:

  • Direct sale bonus
  • Matching bonus
  • Binary bonus

Direct sale bonus

A weekly direct sale commission of 10%, allocated to you based on the total EAI tokens purchased by a member/affiliate referred by you.

Matching bonus

Matching bonus is a form of commission that is earned through the compensation plan, up to 7 levels. Qualifying distributors earn 10% on binary bonus of each distributor on the first level within their organization, 7% on the second level, and 5% on the third through seventh levels.

Binary bonus

Binary commission is 7% and is calculated based on whichever leg has the least amount of volume. The percentage will be calculated based on the least amount of volume and every member will get paid accordingly, so the profit margin depends on how your downline team members make sales. To be qualified for binary bonus you need a personal package of 199$ and two direct referred persons, one in the left and one in the right leg with a package of 199$ each.

How is it calculated?

In this particular example you will earn 7% of $12,000 which is $840.

How to start?

To become member of Edain you need to sign up with the affiliate link of your sponsor.

Feel free to use this link if you don’t have a sponsor: https://shop.zixxar.net/register/2dc932bf-5df3-46ec-b749-654d62af102d/366c6edc-4af3-42c7-a1db-a61a6541fb26

Enter your username, email, password, accept the terms and click “Sign Up”.

Verify your account by clicking on the link you receive by email.

To buy your package, go to “Buy”.

Select your package and click “Buy now”.

You will have three options to pay:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank transfer
  • Cryptocurrency

Fill out the details on the right hand site. These details will be used to ship your product.

To compelete the purchase, click “Buy Edain”.

Your affiliate links can be found on the front page (Dashboard section) in the right lower corner.


Edain Technologies is a real solid high tech company that combines several important trends like AI technology, knowledge, Blockchain, cryptocurrency and cyber security.

Not only you can benefit from their high performance products, you can also build a community and get reawarded for that.

The compensation plan is not only rewarding, it is unique and easy to understand.

If you have questions about Edain, please join our Telegram group.

See you at the top!

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