Phenomenal Token – 8 Streams Of Income

Dear Crypto Enthusiast,

did you know that every crypto investor that has been holding Bitcoin for at least 4 years made money? In other words: long term Bitcoin holders never lose money!

So, buying and holding Bitcoin is an obvious thing to do if you’re a long term investor. But what if you don’t have enough cash sitting on the sidelines? Well, earning Bitcoin is the best alternative.

In this review, we would like to introduce an opportunity that has 8 different way of earning Bitcoin in an easy way.

Phenomenal Token

Phenomenal Token is the first token based on a P2P model that is fully backed up by Bitcoin. PNM is the name of the native token that is powering the Phenomenal Token ecosystem.

What makes the PNM token unique is the fact that every operation carried out on the platform will increase the token price.

PNM tokens will be used to purchase valuable products at discounted price on the Phenomenal Token marketplace.

High liquidity of the token is guaranteed since it is 100% backed up by BTC.

The BTC liquidity pool is being filled by users making new purchases. All fees are being paid in BTC and being added to the liquidity pool.

The PNM token price will be calculated by dividing the number of PNM in the BTC liquidity pool by the number of emitted PNM tokens.

All users are able to withdraw from the liquidity pool anytime.

If you remember the price algorithm, you will understand that recuding the number of PNM tokens in circulation will positively impact the PNM price.

Not emitted tokens will not be considered for price calculation.

Burned tokens are also not part of the equation. There are several events at which PNM tokens will be burned. For example after being used on the marketplace.

Staking Pools

Phenomenal Token features a unique Staking Pool program that allows members to earn money using PNM tokens.

PNM Staking Pool structure

The PNM Staking Pool structure might be looking complex at first glance. But actually it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Every so called table has 7 positions, of which 4 positions are financial. Your position is always at level 1 at the top of the table.

The table will be filled from top to bottom and from left to right.

Once you fill all 4 financial positions, following transactions will be triggered:

  • reward to top position (you)
  • a new position will be created in the lower-level pool
  • referral reward to sponsors 3 levels up
  • payment of the maintenance fee

The cost to join a Staking Pool will increase with every Staking Pool (SP) level.

SP1 – 1 PNM

SP2 – 3 PNM

SP3 – 6 PNM

SP4 – 15 PNM

PMN token price is ranging around $20 (9th September 2021).

The schematic above illustrates how members will be placed in the Staking Pool. You can have any number of positions at the same time in each pool. Reminder: tables within the Staking Pool have 7 positions.

Watch this video to get a full understanding of how positions are being filled:

Here is the chronology of transactions shown in the schematic:

Staking Pool 1

Cost – 1 PNM
First position of lvl 2 – reward 1 PNM
Second position of lvl 2 – no action
Third position of lvl 2 – no action
All 4 positions of lvl 2 – new position in Staking Pool 2

Staking Pool 2

Cost – 3 PNM
First position of lvl 2 – reward 1 PNM, 2 positions in SP1
Second position of lvl 2 – infrastructure 1 PNM, reward 2 PNM
Third position of lvl 2 – no action
All 4 positions of lvl 2 – new position in Staking Pool 3

  1. X1 joined SP1
  2. X1 invited X2 to SP1
  3. X2 invited You to SP1
  4. X1 got reward 1 PNM for filling position at lvl 2 (You)
  5. You invited X3 to SP1
  6. X2 got reward 1 PNM for filling position at lvl 2 (X3)
  7. X1 invited X4 to SP1
  8. X3 invited X5 to SP1
  9. You got reward 1 PNM for filling position 1 at lvl 2 (X5)
  10. X2 invited X6 to SP1
  11. X2 invited X7 to SP1 (you got spillover from X2)
  12. X4 invited X8 to SP1
  13. X4 invited X9 to SP1
  14. X1 got new paid position at SP2 that cost 3 PNM (filled all 4 positions at lvl 2 at SP1)
  15. X3 invited X10 to SP1
  16. X5 invited X11 to SP1
  17. X3 got reward 1 PNM for filling position at lvl 2
  18. X7 invited X12 to SP1
  19. You invited X13 to SP1 (X7 got spillover from you)
  20. You receive new position at SP2 cost 3 PNM (you filled all 4 positions at lvl 2)
  21. X1 invited X14 to SP2
  22. You invited X15 to SP2
  23. X1 got reward 1 PNM for filling position 1 at lvl 2 at SP2 (X15). X1 receives 2 new positions at SP1.

As you can see, spillover is not only going from top to bottom. Downlines can also give spillover to uplines. So, it’s a team sport. Everyone in the structure is helping each over.

Every Staking Pool will have a higher entry level as mentioned earlier. However, if you fill all 4 financial positions of the previous Staking Pool you don’t have to pay that entry fee.

How to get access to the PNM Token ecosystem?

There are different status packages that you can choose from:

You can start participating in teh Staking Pool using a free status, but you need a status to go to the Main and Leadership blocks.

Each status will grant you a number of benefits:

  1. The total amount of income from the referral network, token sale and income from the Staking Pool
  2. Depending on the status, an additional percentage is added to your rank in marketing
  3. Maximum Staking Pool which you can join and % of tokens going for sale with a reward
  4. Additional number of shares to your share bonus
  5. When you buy a status, you get PNM tokens in the amount of 1% to 5% of the status

Career Bonus

You can earn additonal income by recommending Phenomenal Token to your partners. Up to 42% of each sold status is allocated to a career bonus.

In order to qualify for a career rank, 2 conditions must be met: turnover and personally invited partners.

Share Bonus

Every status package will come with a number of shares.

30% of each Status package sale is allocated to Share Bonuses.

Share Bonuses will be placed in a binary tree with two legs. Whenever new members will be added to the binary tree, you earn PVs (point volume). To get a bonus you need to have the same amount of PV right and left.

The number of shares depends on the rank and status (see table below).

How To Join Phenomenal Token

Make sure you have Telegram installed on your device and click:

Start the bot.

If you click on the “Marketing Button” you will find your own referral link.

Please perform the following steps to get ready:

– Sign up with the Telegram bot by clicking on the link:

– Click on the Dashboard button and follow the 7 steps shown in the chart below

– Please replenish your BTC balance in the Finance section

– Go to “Staking Pools 2.0” and click “Join SP1”.

– SP1 currently costs 0.00045543 BTC

Watch this tutorial video to get started:



Stay tuned!

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