BNB Business Org – Earn BNB Before Moon

Dear Crypto Enthusiast,

Binance Coin (BNB) is the native coin of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world – Binance.

The BNB coin incepted back in Juli 2017 and was worth only a few cents in the beginning.

All time high of BNB was at $686 at some stage. It is currently trading at $450 – $500. And it’s only a matter of time until BNB breaks the $1000 mark on the way to new all time highs.

What if we told you that there is an easy way to earn BNB before they go to the moon?

BNB Business Org

BNB Business Org is a new and innovative smart contract that helps members to earn commissions in BNB!

And the best thing: Not only your earn from your downlines, you also earn from your uplines!


50% of commissions will be distributed across 20 levels above you and 30 levels below you with 1% per level.

You earn 1% from package sales & withdrawal fees!

All you have to do to unlock all levels is to sponsor 4 direct referrals.

50% will be distributed across 6 levels below you:

Lev 1 – 20%
Lev 2 – 10%
Lev 3 – 5%
Lev 4 – 5%
Lev 5 – 5%
Lev 6 – 5%

Low Entry Level

Start with only 0.1 BNB. Maximum contribution is 10 BNB.

Conditions For Withdrawal And Reinvestment

  • On package of 0.1 BNB to 0.99 BNB they can withdraw 40% in wallet and 60% reinvestment.
  • 1 BNB to 3.99 BNB 50% withdrawal and 50% reinvestment. (Required 4 Direct Sponsoring).
  • 4 BNB to 9.99 BNB 60% withdraw in wallet and 40% reinvestment. (Required 2 Direct Sponsoring).
  • 10 BNB and above 70% withdraw in wallet and 30% reinvestment. (Required no Direct Sponsoring).

How To Start

Copy Paste This To Your DAPP Browser (TokenPocket or TokenPocket):

Choose your package and click register.

Scroll down to grab your referral link.

Helpful Links

Join Facebook :

Presentation :

Here is the STEP by STEP instructions:

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