Orion – Blockchain and DeFi meets network marketing

Dear crypto enthusiast,

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is disrupting the financial industry. Decentralized finance (commonly referred to as DeFi) is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages.

According to DeFi Pulse more than 80 Billion USD are locked (18th August 2021) in DeFi projects.

Total Value Locked (USD) in DeFi

Many ecosystems are being built based on Blockchain and DeFi. One of the most comprehensive DeFi ecosystems is about to launch end of August!


Orion is a high-tech ecosystem of interconnected blockchain services that affect various aspects of user’s lives.

Orion ecosystem

Every user will have an Orion ID (multi-account) for the convenience of using products and services in the Orion ecosystem.

Thanks to Orion ID, you will have access to all Orion products and services using one personal account for authorization.

Orion Banking

Orion Banking partners up with a licensed bank to issue and maintain a bank card for the use of cryptocurrencies and Orion tokens in operations with fiat currencies

Orion banking

It will be possible to replenish the balance using cryptocurrency including Orion tokens.

Orion Wallet

Orion Wallet is an innovative cryptocurrency wallet for storing cryptocurrency with integrated Orion token Staking and Farming technology.

Orion Wallet

Orion Wallet will allow:

  • Access to Staking technology in two clicks
  • P2P transactions without fees
  • Built-in crypto exchange
  • Bonuses from Staking technology in the affiliate network

Besides, Orion Wallet supports many cryptocurrencies, and users can build an affiliate network.

ORI & ORD Tokens

The Orion ecosystem will feature two tokens which will have different benefits.

ORI & ORD Tokens

ORI Benefits

The ORI token is intended for all types of payments within the Orion ecosystem, including payment of rewards from the Smart Pool and the accrual of a vonus within the framework of the affiliate program.

Opportunities for ORI holders:

  • P2P transactions without commissions
  • Staking technology (up to 60% APY in ORI)
  • Farming technology (up to 50% APY in ORI + up to 60% APY in ORD)
  • Bonuses from Staking technology in the affiliate network

A stable token rate ensures the security of internal transactions.

ORD Benefits

ORD is a dynamic token, the price rate of which depends on the level of development of the Orion ecosystem.

ORD Benefits

Opportunities for ORD holders:

  • Staking technology (up to 100% APY in ORD)
  • Increase in limits
  • Reduction of fees
  • Providing additional benefits
  • Voting token in DAO

By preserving and multiplying ORD tokens, users will receive unlimited privileges and special offers that will unlock the full potential of the Orion ecosystem.

Orion Legal Structure

Orion’s legal structure consists of a group of companies that comply with all the rules and regulations for doing business in the field of blockchain technologies.

Orion legal structure

Smart Pool

Smart Pool is a decentalized pool that operates according to Orion Finance’s work strategy and brings users daily rewards from 0.7% to 1.4$ (255% – 511% APY).

Orion Finance charges a fee from 5% to 40% on daily rewards for working with user portfolios.

Orion Compensation Plan

Example: If you contribute 1,000 ORI (1,000$) to the Smart Pool, you will receive from 0.7% to 1.4% daily. Let’s assume that the daily average will be 1%. That means that you will receive 10$ daily. You will pay 30% commissions which will result in 7$ daily profit for you.

Daisy rewards will be generated through:

  • Token Farming
  • Token Staking
  • Liquidity Providing
  • Risks Hedging
  • Private Token Sales (early stages)

Here is a breakdown of terms and conditions:

Supported cryptos: USDT ERC-20, USDT TRC-20

Daily accruals: 18:00 UTC

Minimum amount: 100 ORI

Maximum amount: 100,000 ORI

Daily rewards: Up to 1,4%

Minimum withdrawal: 10 ORI

Smart Pool Terms & Conditions

The connection to the Smart Pool takes place via direct payment of the smart contract after MetaMask / TronLink is connected to the Orion Finance platform.

And here is how it works:

  • The wallet is replenished using USDT (ERC-20, TRC-20), which are automatically converted at the rate of 1 USDT = 1 ORI.
  • Funds are withdrawn using ORI, which are automatically converted at the rate of 1 ORI = 1 USDT (ERC-20 or TRC-20).
  • There is a weekly withdrawal limit equal to the current amount of replenishment/connection to the Smart Pool for all Orion Finance users.
  • Orion Finance charges a 2% fee for the withdrawal of funds.
  • Users pay miners’ fees (gas) for the withdrawal of funds.
  • The processing time for transactions on the platform is about 24 hours.

Affiliate Program

Orion Finance is using a very competitive affiliate marketing system to expand the global presence.

To activate the affiliate program, users must register on the Orion Finance platform and join the Smart Pool with 100 ORI or more.

Linear Bonus

Linear Bonus is a one-time bonus paid based on the amount of Smart Pool top-up by partners in the first three affiliate lines.

The bigger the total amount of Smart Liquidity volume in your entire team, the bigger your Linear Bonus.

Orion Finance Linear Bonus

Example: The total sales amount in your team is 5,000$. That will enable you to earn 5% from all sales in your direct line and 3% from all sales in your second line.

Binary Bonus

Binary Bonuses are paid based on the sales volume in the weaker Binary Leg.

The Binary Bonus is calculated every day at 18:00 UTC.

Binary Bonuses will be calculated in 100 binary points steps. A binary pair is activated whenever a certain amount of binary points is collected on both legs.

Orion Finance Binary Bonus

The more sales volume you achieve in your team, the bigger your Binary Bonus. An addional indicator will be applied based on your sales volume.

Example: The total sales amount in your team is 5,000$. That will enable you to earn 9% Binary Bonus that will be multiplied with factor 0.85. That will result in 7.65% Binary Bonus.

Career System

Orion Finance features a lucrative career sytem that allows the most active leaders to earn career bonuses.

Leaders have the ability to move up in ranks and earn rewards depending on the effort they made to build the affiliate network.

Orion Finance Career System

Three different indicators will determine the career bonus:

  • Total value of ORI in the Smart Pool
  • Total value in the Binary Structure (excluding spillover)
  • First line sales volume

Example: Your total sales in the Smart Pool is 20,000$. Your Binary Structure is 3,000$ and your first line volume 250$. That will make you eligible to earn 3,000$ career bonus.

How to join

Grab your spillover link: https://office.orionfinance.org/registration?r=cas94rdh

You will need TronLink Google Chrome extension with USDT to activate your deposit. Please also prepare some TRX to pay the transaction fee. 

TronLink can be downloaded here: https://www.tronlink.org

Alternatively you can send USDT, BTC, ETH or TRX from third party wallets or exchanges. To do so please choose „Top up the balance from a third-party wallet or exchange wallet“ after you clicked on Smart Pool —> Invest Now. 

After registration click on „connect wallet“ in the Upper Right corner. Connect your TronLink wallet. 

Go to section Smart Pool and click „Invest Now“. 

Connect your TronLink wallet. Enter the USDT amount in the left lower corner and click „Invest Now“. 

Your referral link can be found in the upper right corner of your dashboard!

For questions please join: https://t.me/OrionDeFiNetwork

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