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ZENIQ is a decentralized blockchain for crypto-fiat payments developed by ZENIQ Technologies, the high-tech company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As the main office was opened on April 14, 2021, the project is planning to expand globally. The company has a legal status under the jurisdiction of DIFC (The Dubai International Financial Centre) and is licensed by Dubai Financial Service Authority (DFSA).

ZENIQ’s basic philosophy is based on a full decentralization of its ecosystem. Its ecosystem consists of a blockchain, a coin, ZENIQ Hub, and an exchange. The company’s goal is to simplify online payments with crypto to make businesses transparent and reliable. It is developing a fiat-crypto fusion where users can send cryptocurrencies to someone and the recipient will get fiat currency instead. It also provides an opportunity to invest in featured products and projects at an early stage.

ZENIQ Blockchain

The ZENIQ blockchain unites different blockchains and their native coins on one platform. It supports Ethereum, Matic, Binance chain, TRON, and other popular options. At the same time, it can boast of high throughput indices as it can handle up to 50,000 transactions per second.


The ZENIQ Coin launched together with the ZENIQ blockchain was designed to support the ecosystem and be a medium for profit sharing through the added value generated by the ZENIQ exchange. The genesis date for the ZENIQ Coin is April 2, 2021. The maximum total supply is capped at a max from 600.000.000 Coins (Currently about 8,750,000 minted). Aiming to make the project long-term and sustainable and their community strong, the ZENIQ team decided that 100% of all coins will always be owned by the community.

ZENIQ is not a mineable coin, it is only issued through minting. The limited number of coins and hubs (200.000), as well as the annual halving ensure its value increase. ZENIQ is an asset coin intended to generate ROI by minting, issue rewards, provide with the voting power to publish products, and get Airdrops. It is used in profit-sharing projects and gives users discounts when buying tokens of other projects, products, and services.

ZENIQ offers the highest level of security and protection from unauthorized third-party access guaranteed by ZENIQ Hub. It is a hardware wallet, which looks like a tablet with a touch screen, used for personal fund management. It gives clients full control of their assets and allows trading ZENIQ and other coins on the device itself via the internal decentralized exchange. No KYC is required as users are the only owners and holders of their capital.

ZENIQ Hub is a digital payment gateway that enables cryptocurrency payments in all online shops and online services. It also offers optional integration of fiat currencies, SEPA transactions, and digital investments. Companies can accept ZENIQ offline by connecting to the service via POS (point of sales) systems. In addition, the team has developed an interface (API) for their services to become available for ATMs and eventually facilitate the onboarding process for end-users.

ZENIQ Cloud Hub

In the case of Cloud Hub the user’s smartphone becomes a mobile wallet with exchange integration. It is also a masternode with a function of daily ZENIQ coins minting in the course of the following 20 years. The whole hub costs €1499 and mints actual 50-70 coins per day. It can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world through the mobile application.

ZENIQ Housing Hub

In-house minting without delivery of a physical device. These in-house hubs start from 100€ and are therefore also suitable for small investors. However, entire “farms” can also be purchased up to a maximum of 256x HOUSING HUB 01 – for 330,000 €.

ZENIQ Minting Halving

  • Depending on the blockchain period

Every year (from 10 February to the next 10 February) 50% less mined coins/day

  • Depending on HUB sales

Every 1,000 HUBs > 4% less coins/day

ZENIQ Exchange

Due to the blockchain spanning, the ZENIQ exchange is compatible with all coins and tokens making wrapping unnecessary. Users can trade BTC, EURO, and USD to ZENIQ coins and other options. 100% of profits coming from the exchange are allocated to the community every week.


ZENIQ mobile application provides a multi crypto wallet and enables POS payments. It is connected via the ZENIQ Hub and allows to send peer-to-peer real time fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

ZENIQ Team and partners

The team at ZENIQ is made up of professionals from different areas of expertise working with dedication to their common vision. Their goal is to mainstream the usage of crypto technology and cryptocurrencies in any business area. They are enthusiasts with experience in the development of technologies, blockchain, IT systems, digital payment systems, and software applications with a focus on cryptocurrencies.

The founders of ZENIQ are the CEO and a Board member Erwin Dokter and Michael Ofner, who is also the Chief Operations Officer and a Managing Director. The team members include Eric Heinemann, the Chief Marketing Officer, Jan Bollmeyer, the Chief Sales Officer and a crypto expert – Silvia Zarazaga, the Chief Administration Officer, and Max Wolf, the Chief Finance Officer.

ZENIQ Technologies is backed by its OCS International Commodities and Investments, an investment bank with crypto fund, which focuses on investment advice, commodity trading, and financial planning. Safir International, an official sales partner of ZENIQ, is an exclusive distributor for ZENIQ products. Zeniq Switzerland is a partner of ZENIQ Hub. Uniswap has listed the ZENIQ token on its exchange.

Zeniq Coin Details

How To Join ZENIQ

Click on the link to sign up with ZENIQ: safir.com/ref/jdjca94bhk

Fill out the form and click “Register“.

You will receive an email. Click “Confirm Email” to activate your account.

Before you can buy Safir Minting Shares, you have to top up your balance.

Go to Wallet and click “Deposit”.

Your payment screen will show up:

Choose the crypto you want to use and send at least 100€ worth of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin.

Once your crypto has arrived, go to Shop:

You can start with as low as 100 €. Choose Amount 1/32 to buy the smallest Safir Minting Share:

How To Withdraw

You will receive daily ZENIQ Coin rewards to your ZENIQ wallet.

Go to Wallet and click Withdraw ZENIQ and send ZENIQ coins (ERC20) to your Uniswap Exchnage address.

You can swap your ZENIQ Coins on Uniswap to Ethereum or any other crypto assets.

We hope you liked the review and wish you happy earnings!

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