RoyalQ – Binance API Trading Bot

Dear Crypto Enthusiast,

if you’re in the crypto space for quite a while, you must have heard about crypto trading bots that connect to your Binance brokerage account via API connection and carry out trades for you.

The big advantage of these bots is that the crypto assets reside in your account. And only you, and no one else has access to that.

However, the big challenge is to find a bot that is actually making money.

The even bigger challenge is to find a bot that you can earn affiliate commissions with, by sharing it with people.

Well, we have good news for your. RoyalQ is what you’ve been looking for.

What is RoyalQ?

RoyalQ is a quantitative trading system that realizes automatic intelligent trading, real-time monitoring and tracking of big data algorithms, adjusts real-time market conditions.

In simple words: You connect your Binance account with RoyalQ using API keys and RoyalQ trades for you.

The results have been phenomenal so far.

Here is an example of a 30.000 USDT investment:

Daily profits are ranging between 400 USDT and 1600 USDT. That means that the daily reward can be up to 5% in some cases.

How to join RoyalQ?

Before you can start trading with RoyalQ, you will need the RoyalQ app.



Download the app and go “Mine” in the left lower corner.

Click “Register Now”.

Fill out the form.

Enter your email address and click “Request verification code”.

Enter the verification code that you will receive by email.

Your invitation code will be: DGVQB

Click register.

Log in using your email and password.

How to activate the bot

Go to the “Mine” section and then to “Assets”.

Then click on Deposit:

A TRX address will be shown to you. Please send 120 USDT-TRC20 to that address.

USDT-TRC20 is the Tron version of USDT and can be purchased on exchanges like Binance.

Once your funds arrive, you can activate the bot.

Please keep the remaining 20 USDT on your balance to pay the fuel. Please make sure it doesn’t drop below 2 USDT. Otherwise the bot stops working.

How to connect your Binance account via API

If you don’t have a Binance account yet, please click here:

Sign up and launch the app.

Click on “More” on the front page:

Scroll down until you see “API Management”.

Label the API with a name and click “Create API”.

Enter API key in RoyalQ

Go to “API Bind” in your RoyalQ app:

Choose Binance:

Note: You could do the same with Huobi if you prefer it over Binance.

Enter the relevant data from Binance.

API Key is your API Key.

Key is your Secret Key.

Click “Request verification code” to receive the code by email.

Then click “Bind”.

Congratulations! Your RoyalQ account is successfully connected to your Binance account!

Choosing Trading Pairs on RoyalQ

Now you have to make sure that some trading pairs are selected. It is recommended to select 3-5 trading pairs.

Go to “Quantitative” in your RoyalQ app.

Click on the Trading Pair you want to add.

Go to “Trade Settings” before you click “Start”.

We recommend to keep the default settings and not to change anything. Click “confirm” in the right upper corner.

If you are trading with 1000 USDT or more, we recommend to adjust the “First buy in amount” to 20-30 USDT.

Repeat that process for all Trading Pairs you want to add.

To Start Trading

To start the trading please make sure that you have enough USDT on your Binance account.

All the trading reports will be available under “News”.

RoyalQ Referral Plan

You can earn affiliate commissions by sharing RoyalQ with new members.

Affiliate commissions will be paid based on the bot activation price of 100 USDT and the fuel spent in trading.

Your affiliate commissions will be determined by your rank. Every member starts with Rank V1.

Example: To achieve Rank V2 you need to have at least 3 direct members and a total team of 20 members.

V1 members will receive 30% from bot activation (30% of 100 USDT) and 20% of the fuel spent by the direct partner. The bigger the trading volume of your partners, the more fuel is burnt, the higher your commission.

To find your referral code please go to Invite Friend on the front page.

We hope you liked the review and wish you happy earnings!

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