TAG Protocol – Earn Daily Rewards From Twitter Hashtags

Dear Crypto Enthisiast,

you must have heard about NFT (non-fungible token) by now. “Non-fungible” more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else.

For example, a bitcoin is fungible — trade one for another bitcoin, and you’ll have exactly the same thing. A one-of-a-kind trading card, however, is non-fungible. If you traded it for a different card, you’d have something completely different.

NFTs can really be anything digital (such as drawings, music, your brain downloaded and turned into an AI), but a lot of the current excitement is around using the tech to sell digital art.

The most prominent sale of a piece of digital art is probably Beeple’s collage that was sold for $69 million.

The latest innovation in this space is TAG Protocol.

TAG Protocol

TAG Protocol allows members to create their own unique social media Hashtag on the Blockchain.

And this Hashtag will earn them money!

What is a Hashtag?

We see hashtags all over our social media networks. However, there are still many people who don’t really understand what hashtags are, what their purpose is and the benefits that come from using them.

Let’s begin by defining what a hashtag is:

Hashtags are most commonly used on social media platforms. You’ll find them all over on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Tumblr or Pinterest.

Up until now, nobody could own a hashtag…but this is finally about to CHANGE!

You can now own a piece of internet history…

How does it work?

1. Get a Hashtag

Find a specific Twitter #hashtag you’d like to own. You might want to do some research on what hashtags are the most popular ones right now. Certainly, everything around Covid might be tranding now. As far as the crypto market is concerned, #Doge is probably the most trading hashtag.

Choose wisely. The more popular your Hashtag, the bigger your reward.

2. Register it on BSC

Register your chosen #Hashtag on the Binance Smart Chain. Every registered #Hashtag is a unique NFT.

3. That’s it!

Mint your very unique NFT which will be yours forever unless you decide to sell it.

NFT Hashtag Staking

The so called Tagchain will produce 1000 Tagcoins every hour and distribute them among all #Hashtag NFT stakers.

The better your #Hashtag performs the more you earn!

Tagcoin Exchange

With the Tagcoin Exchange you will be able to exchange your Tagcoins to BNB/BUSD or any other cryptocurrencies at any time you want.

Provide Liquidity Pool in TAG/BNB pair at the exchange and earn more Tagcoins while holding your assets.

Use the price difference and trade your Tagcoins to earn even more.

Hashtag Auction

Imagine that one of your #Hashtags is doing extraordinary well. That will make it a very valuable asset that many members will want to buy.

You will be able to trade #Hashtags on the open market whenever you want.

Sell your #Hashtag any time you want to exit, or buy more #Hashtags to enjoy a higher daily passive income.

Tagcoin (TAG)

Tagcoin is a unique, native cryptocurrency of the TAG Protocol. It has a pre-defined, limited production rate and a limited supply – similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is to establish it as a Store of Value asset.

Similar to Bitcoin, the new supply will be halved on regular basis. That will make TAG an inflationary asset.

TAG Protocol Technology

Smart Contract

Automatically executes all transactions agreements. It means that there is no third party or a “Boss”, who executes your payouts. Everything happens automatically.

You are 100% in control of your funds as the smart contract automatically executes 100% of your passive income and commission payouts.


DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. In simple terms, a DAO is an organization that is run by computer code and programs. It has the ability to function autonomously, without the need for a central authority.

Decentralized Referral Program

TAG Protocol’s decentralized referral program is designed so that you can earn from UNLIMITED depth in the Blockchain.

  • You receive your bonus INSTANTLY and straight to your wallet. It’s executed by a smart contract regardless of depth!
  • The most important thing to keep in mind is your RANK in the decentralised referral program.
  • A Higher Rank equals a Higher Payout from your team.


  • TAG Protocol is the first, unique data driven NFT – Daily Rewards are based on Twitter #Hashtags performance
  • You own your miner (#Hashtag NFT) forever and enjoy hourly output
  • All transactions are safely and instantly executed by a smart contract
  • Storing inflation Tokemonics to maximise earning potential
  • No pre-mine or pre-sale available. Fair game for everyone.
  • Tagcoin is designed to become a Store of Value

How to get started

To join TAG Protocol you need a BSC wallet with an integrated browser.

To buy your Hashtag you will need BNB (Binance Coin). BSC based BNB coin is based on the BEP20 protocol. The address begins with 0x.

What is the best wallet for BNB (BEP20)?

Desktop: BSC Google Chrome Add-On

Mobile: TokenPocket

How to get BNB (BEP20)?

The easiest way to get BNB (BEP20) is to buy it on Binance.

When withdrawing BNB from Binance, make sure you choose the BEP20 version. Also make sure that your BNB address in your wallet starts with 0x.

How to buy your Hashtag

Google Chrome: Log in to your BSC Google Chrome Add-On and enter your referral link into the browser.

TokenPocket: Hit “discover” at the bottom of the screen and enter your referral code.

Your referral link: https://bit.ly/2PaQduy

Connect your wallet. If you use TokenPocket, please select “Other Web3 Wallets”.

That will take you to the registration page. Make sure you see the following address: 0x7bEAa42B07aEd43A7f079d4a6e06BE7b613Ee7E0


Go to Register Hashtag

Search for the Hashtag you want to register and if it’t available, hit register!

A transaction hash will be shown after successful purchase:

Congratulations! You now own a piece of internet history!

Prefer watching a video? Click here:

Still have questions? Join our Telegram group for further steps: https://t.me/tagprotocolglobal

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