BNB Profit – Earn daily BNB on auto pilot

Welcome to the BNB Profit Team!

Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and was founded in 2017. BNB is the native coin of Binance and has enormous upside potential.

BNB Profits has created a simple way to earn BNB all day – every day!

You can choose from 8 packages. The higher your package – the higher your affiliate commissions.

  • 0.25 BNB – Binary 4%
  • 0.50 BNB – Binary 5%
  • 1.00 BNB – Binary 6%
  • 2.00 BNB – Binary 7%
  • 4.00 BNB – Binary 8%
  • 8.00 BNB – Binary 10%
  • 12.00 BNB – Binary 12%
  • 20.00 BNB – Binary 15%

With every package you get 2.2% daily until you double your money.

If you share the opportunity you earn BNB even faster

To activate your Binary system, sponsor one member on the right and one on the left.

To get started use the following link to sign up: 

  1. Go to Buy/Upgrade plan and choose your package.
  2. Choose the currency you want to pay with: BTC, USDT, ETH or BNB.
  3. Go back to the Dashboard to grab your referral link (called „indication link“)
  4. Go to settings to activate your 2FA and enter your BNB address for payouts.

You get paid every night instantly to your Trust Wallet or Exodus Wallet.

Telegram channel:

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