PrivaFund – Secure way to multiply your crypto assets

Dear crypto enthusiast,

what type a crypto investor are you? A HODLer or a trader? HODL seems easy: you just buy some crypto and keep it. However, it requires some discipline to not to sell some of it when you see prices spiking. You need diamond hands to HODL your Bitcoin through up and downs in the market.

Trading is probably easier as far as discipline is concerned. You just find a good trader and have him multiply your crypto assets. But here comes the challenge. How to find a good crypto trader?

What if you had a pool of traders and you could choose the best ones based on their performance?

PrivaFund has access to over 50 traders who are delivering the best profit average and optimal risk diversification for your portfolio.

  • Decentralized
  • Smart
  • Best profit average

What is PrivaFund?

PrivaFund is a digital currency service provider enabling customers to increase their crypto wealth with features to store, grow and spend cryptocurrency. Here are just a few features that PrivaFund is offering:

  • Automated fund distribution 
  • 24/7 performance ranking
  • Maximized profits and minimized risks 
  • Global and decentralized trading team
  • Bank to bank wire transfer with SEPA and SWIFT enabled
  • Direct Pay-outs via Neteller and Skrill 
  • Innovative interface supporting all devices 
  • High-level security via decentralized digital assets wallets and 2FA security

You will get access to an interface that can be used from any end-device in the world.

Wo is behind PrivaFund?

Born in Liverpool, combined with a canny ability to remember people, and names, Mr. Rowe applies his skills to envision his projections; from broad business strategies, down to specific customer service measures.

He is a CEO of PrivaFund, created in seem-less design simplicity and optimum functionality, that will build a strong team and diverse network. In this position Stephen will form relationships, partnerships, and friendships that will produce results & benefits on behalf of the Project, and the community.

Trader Performance

Trading results can vary from 0% to 10% monthly and will be shared with you on a daily basis.

There is no packages and no lock up periods.

You can withdraw your daily rewards and your principal at any time.

You can participate with up to 8 different cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDT Tether
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Tron TRX
  • USDC

And it’s extremely easy to participate. Just top up your PrivaFunds wallet with any of the above assets and start the trading.

Referral System

You will be rewarded for sharing the opportunity with others.

There is no upfront commissions. Members get only commissions if positive trading results were generated.

Members will be rewarded with a matching bonus across 8 levels:

Example: If you refer someone directly, that person will be placed in your first level. You will receive 30% of all profits that person will get. So, if he or she will receive 100$ in a particular period of time. you will be rewarded with 30$.

If your direct partner refers someone, this person will be placed on your second level and you will get 15% of his/her profits.

Career Bonus

From the day on which a partner starts at PrivaFund, he has 1 month to reach the first rank. If at least the first rank has been achieved in the first month, this rank is secured for 3 more months and remains with the partner. Depending on which rank was reached after the first month, this rank is retained for 90 days.

If the partner does not reach the same rank again after these 3 months or cannot maintain the volume, he will drop one rank.

If only the first rank has been achieved in the first 3 months, the partner falls back to level 0. If a partner reaches a rank within a month, he only has to build up from the rank reached to the next higher rank volume.

If the rank becomes active in the upcoming month the partner starts again from 0 volume.

5% of the global trading rewards will be distributed monthly across the different ranks.

Example: PrivaFund has generated a total of 100,000$ in a particular month. 5% of that is 5,000$. 5,000$ will be distributed across all members who achieved ranks.

If you achieved SENIOR ASSOCIATE, you will get a share from a 8% pool of 5,000$. On top of that, your trading volume will be increased by 5,000$. So if you had 10,000$ in trading, you will now have 15,000$ in trading.

How to join PrivaFund

Joining PrivaFund is super easy. Click on the link to sign up:

Fill out your personal details and confirm your registration by clicking on the link received by email.

Go to wallets and top up your account using one of the cryptocurrencies:

After that go to portfolio:

Navigate to the cryptocurrency you have topped up with and hit the button:

Enter the amount, your wallet password and confirm:

Alternatively you can watch these tutorial videos to learn how to deposit and invest:

How to make a deposit

How to add trading funds

Useful Links

Follow PrivaFund on social media to stay up to date:

PrivaFund Facebook Page:

PrivaFund Twitter Channel

Instagram Channel

Telegram Channel:


Proven Expert:

Happy earning!

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