TronCase Review – Smart Contract With Passive Income

Dear crypto lovers,

many crypto assets hit one All Time High after another. Bitcoin is eyeing 50,000 USD. It seems like the bull market is in full swing, thanks to the rocket scientists Michael Saylor and Elon Musk.

Is it now the best time to buy cryptocurrency? A much better way is to earn cryptocurrency. Smart contract was the name of the game in 2020, when it comes to earning cryptocurrency through network marketing.

Forsage is probably the biggest smart contract so far. However, it is only making you money if you refer new members to the party.

What if you had a chance to join a smart contract that pays you even if you don’t refer?


TronCase is a state of the art smart contract that isn’t only paying you daily, it is paying hourly!

TronCase is a secure and fully verified smart contract that was auditted by a third party.

What are the advantages of the Troncase Platform?

Completely Decentralized Troncase is not managed by anyone, including its own software team. It is developed as a fully autonomous system. No person has access to funds. Your funds are secured between you and the smart contract.

Transparency. You can transparently view all transactions in detail that have been made via the smart contract since its creation.

Instant Transactions. Nobody needs to process your investments or withdrawal requests. Transactions are approved within seconds on the Tron blockchain and all your transactions are reflected instantly. You have the right to make unlimited transactions depending on your balance.

Immutability. Troncase cannot be affected by any decision changes from the day it was born. Once defined, it is like a law that cannot be bent or changed in any way.

Marketing Plan. Troncase investment plan is designed for unparalleled sustainability whilst meeting the expectations of both the passive investors and leaders who are building teams.

High Security. Smart contracts are part of Blockchain technology. Blockchain is a secure technology that no hacker can access. For this reason, your investments are secured.

Investment Conditions

Minimum Deposit: 100 TRX

Maximum Deposit: 4.000.000 TRX

Total Income: 300% (principal included)


Troncase smart-contract calculate profit up to every deposit since the date it was made. Every hour you will get +0.0416%, every day +1%.

the smart contract calculates hold-bonus based on your deposit and last withdrawal date. If you did not request payment, it will give you an additional bonus.
After 24 hours +0.1%, after 48 hours +0.2%, after 72 hours +0.3% and so on. (Max 0,5% extra)
If you withdraw then personal hold bonus drops back to zero and starts to rise again 0.1% every day.

The smart-contract constantly checks its current balance and starts to pay out an additional bonus of +0.2% to all members for every 80,000,000 TRX. (Max 1% extra)

+0.1% additional profit for every 50,000 active users on the platform. (Max 0.5% extra)

+0.1% additional every time the platform distributes
20,000,000 TRX Referral Rewards(Max 0.5% extra)

Affiliate Program

The affiliate programme is designed to be sustainable even with a very large amount of members. Referral commissions are instantly paid out into your wallet.

Troncase caps payable referral commissions at eleven unilevel team levels:

  • 7% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • 3% on level 2
  • 1.5% on level 3
  • 1% on level 4
  • 0.5% on levels 5 to 7
  • 0.4% on level 8
  • 0.3% on level 9
  • 0.2% on level 10
  • 0.1% on level 11

How To Join

STEP 1: Download TronLink:

STEP 2: Deposit Tron into your TronLink wallet with the amount needed to buy your package(s). You can buy Tron through the Klever app using your Credit Card. Here is a video instruction.

STEP 3: Click the Discover/Browser icon in the bottom to see DApps browser in the Tron wallet

NOTE: (You must paste the referral link in the DAPPS browser only. Otherwise it will not work)

STEP 4: Paste the referral link in the DAPP search bar and press enter
Referral link:

STEP 5: Click on the menu button in the top right.

STEP 6: Hit “Make a deposit”.

STEP 7: Enter the amount of TRON you want to contribute and hit “DEPOSIT”.

Happy earnings!

How To Withdraw

To withdraw your rewards please go to your personal wallet:

Scroll down until you see the WITHDRAW button:

If you keep scrolling down you will find your referral link:

Hit COPY to share the link with your prospects.

Supporting Material

TronCase has a very smart Telegram Bot that helps you to get yourself familiar with the project:

E-Mail Support:

Official Telegram Channel:

YouTube Channel:

Hope, you liked our review.

Best regards,

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