D.AI.SY Fund — Supported by Endotech AI Trading

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if you are in network marketing, you probably understand the biggest challenge that the industry is fighting with. Especially if it comes to passive income opportunities, there are a lot of black sheep on the market. Many of those trading MLMs would try to make their business look very legit showing exchange accounts and live trading. And yet they fail.

The newest crypto trading deal that is being hyped is D.AI.SY Global.

We all like passive income. But we have been disappointed so many times. However, D.AI.SY is promised to be different and many network marketers sell it as the holy grail of network marketing.

So, let us have a deeper look at D.AI.SY Global.

Who is behind D.AI.SY Global?

D.AI.SY stands for Decentralized AI Systems and Endotech AI is named as their first technology partner. The official website is https://endotech.io/.

Endotech AI is an Israeli company that is developing AI and algo-trading content for the cryptocurrency market. CEO and co-founder is Dr. Anna Becker. At age 19, she solved a mathematical equation that was unsolved for 20 years. That has made her earn a professor title at the local university.

In this video Dr. Anna Becker is talking about Endotech and the services it offers:

In 2017 she was invited by the Financial Commission to become their Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC).

Endotech founders have 90 plus years in trading different markets. Their marketing slogan is: Endotech outperforms CRYPTO HODL since 2017.

Their so called ΣTBot™ is executing auto-trades via exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex and BitMEX.

This is the type of performance their trading algorithm can achieve.

Alpha AI Strategy

The average annual performance was at 814.2% back in 2018.

Leverage Trading Strategy

This is a very aggressive leverage strategy that made 297.48% in 70 days.

What is D.AI.SY?

D.AI.SY Global is a disruptive crowd funding model for financial technologies. The underlying technology will be a smart contract based on Tron.

Endotech will use D.AI.SY crowd funding model to fund their AI development. So, they can hire more quant scientists and build the next data center they need to operate this new technology.

The ID 001 in the referral plan will be used to collect $10M of funding.

Members can choose from 10 crowd funding packs that start with just $100.

Every contributor gets their equal share of 5% Endotech stock.

50% to 70% of each pack goes into D.AI.SY Fund for trading.

70% of the trading profit is rewarded back to the contributor.

15% of the trading profit is rewarded to the residual referral plan. Back to the smart contract.

Referral plan pays out up to 46% to members.

Here are some of the screen share of the back office.

D.AI.SY Compensation Plan

You do not have to refer people. You can earn passive income from Endotech trading activities. However, if you refer people, there are multiple ways to earn money with the D.AI.SY referral plan.


  • 3×10 Forced Matrix Bonus
  • Personal Referral Bonus
  • Matrix Check Matching Bonus
  • Pacesetter Revenue Share Bonus
  • Upfront Infinity Bonus
  • Infinity Check Matching Bonus


  • 10 Generation Unilevel Trading Bonus
  • Infinity Residual Bonus
  • Infinity Check Matching Bonus


Pace-Setters Equity Bonus

There are 10 Crowd Funding packs to choose from starting at $100.00

Packs 1–7: 50% goes into Daisy Fund for trading

Packs 8–10: 70% goes into Daisy Fund for trading

– 70% of trading profits rewarded back to you

– *The top AI strategies have produced 423% to 1514% annual ROI

– 15% of all trading profits goes into referral residual plan

– Withdraw trading profits at any time

– Get stock in Endotech, 5% shared equally

– Up to 46% Upfront Payout in referral plan

– Referral Plan funds $10M to Daisy AI for Development

  • Legal Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Historical results are with compounding returns

The Matrix

10 crowd fund packages are available that will double with every generation.

If you buy all 10 one by one you will have invested $102,300 in total.

On packages 1–7 the trade account and D.AI.SY crowd ratio is 50/50. On packages 8–10 the ratio will be 70/30.

Your Endotech shares will compound to 1023 if you buy all 10 packages.

The core of the D.AI.SY compensation plan is a 3 x 10 matrix.

First two levels have no referral requirement, but you can earn from spilover.

Matrix is locked at 10 generations and you can earn from all investment packs bought on any qualified generation.

To qualify for a commission, you have to have the same package level like your referral.

For example: If someone in your 10 generations buys a level 7 package and you only own a level 5 package, that commission will go to the next qualified member.

In order to get paid on Generations 3–10 you must meet the personal referral requirements.

In that particular example your fourth generation is not filled entirely.

You’re not a matrix builder? Well, find someone who knows how to build matrixes and earn 10% of his/her earnings.

Also, direct bonuses of 5% will not require you to be a matrix expert.

It doesn’t matter what package you have; you will earn from any package you will sell.

For example: You own a $100 package and you sell a $3200 package, you will earn 5% of $3200. You don’t have to own a $3200 package.

The compensation plan also features some leadership bonuses that we will discuss in a separate article.


D.AI.SY seems to be one of its kind as far as we can judge. It has some solid fundamentals if the connection between D.AI.SY Global and Endotech can be confirmed.

How to sign up

Click here to see a comprehensive sign up instruction: https://daisyglobal.blog/how-to-join-daisy/

If you want to be up to date, join our Telegram group: https://t.me/daisyglobal

Hope, you liked our review.

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  1. I need an example of what the upfront bonus payout up to 46% for the referral plan example if I bring in 30 people on my first day let’s say on level package one how much can I earn if I come in on package four?


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