What is Buytex Network? – Honest Review

Buytex is the first crypto exchange with its own comprehensive affiliate marketing platform called Buytex Network!

Buytex Network explained in two minutes:

Buytex Network allows passive investors as well as network marketers to accumulate BUX.

BUX is the native token that has grown from $0.10 to $0.177 in only two months.

Passive Opportunity

Silver from 500 BUX to 1,999 BUX. It pays 3.85% per week.
Gold from 2,000 BUX to 7,999 BUX. It pays in 4.23% per week.
Platinum from 8,000 BUX to 24,999 BUX. It pays 4.62% per week.
Diamond from 25,000 BUX to 99,999 BUX. It pays 5% per week.
VIP from 100,000 BUX to 500,000 BUX. It pays 5.77% per week.

Network Marketing Opportunity

  1. Direct bonus: 10-12%
  2. Binary bonus: 10-13% from your weaker leg.
  3. Matching bonus: Up to 20% / 15% / 10% / 5% based on binary bonuses of your partners.
  4. Leadership bonus
  5. Quick Start Bonus

How to start

  1. Click https://cp.buytex.net/login?ref=CryptoDevz
  2. Enter email address and confirmation code received by email.
  3. Create a username and select your country from the list.
  4. Write down your Security Code (needed for withdrawals).
  5. Go to Finance section and choose the currency you want to use for replenishment.
  6. Send funds to the specified address.
  7. Go to Finance section and enter the amount of BUX you want to buy.
  8. Press the Buy / Confirm button.
  9. To to Plans section and enter the amount of BUX you want to invest.
  10. The system will automatically detect the plan you are eligible for. Click BUY!
  11. Done! Now do not forget to regularly withdraw profit!

For questions please join our Telegram Grouphttps://t.me/buytexenglish

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