CyberChain – The biggest Tron matrix

Dear crypto enthusiasts,

if you’re an experienced crypto MLM participants, you’ve probably seen many smart contracts come and go. None of them have lasted long. Most of them are based on Ethereum. And since the Ethereum blockchain is now challenged with high gas fees, many smart contracts are migrating to Tron. Tron is much faster and a lot cheaper than Ethereum.

So, how to pick a high quality smart contract that can make you money? Well, choose a trusted smart contract developer with a good track record. One of them is Eclipcity.

What is Eclipcity?

Eclipcty is a platform that has already launched two big smart contracts, Etherchain and Tronchain. Both of them have attracted more than 30,000 members after only a few months.

Same rockstar developers are now launching Cyberchain.

Cyberchain is the world’s first matrix designed with the community in mind. ID 1 in Cyberchain doesn’t belong to an individual. It belongs to the Eclipcity community and is supporting Etherchain and Trochain. 100% of funds earned by that ID will go to both projects in equal shares.

How does CyberChain work?

CyberChain is a 3 x 2 matrix that has 12 levels.

Every level has 12 positions that need to be filled before the matrix will be completed.

To join the first level it only takes you 100 Tron + 4 Tron commission. You are Position 1 in this illustration.

Positions 2 to 13 will donate 100 Tron each. You will be receiving 50% from every Position in that matrix. So, in total you will receive 12 x 50 Tron with represents 600%.

100% will be re-invested automatically which leaves you with 500% pure profit. That re-invest will make sure that a new matrix will be re-opened. That will happen again and again as long as you fill all 12 positions.

Positions will be filled by your direct referral, by overflow from the top and overflow from the bottom.

How do levels work?

There are 12 levels of 3×2 matrixes that you can participate in, each having a higher cost of donation, but also allows for higher donations from the community.

You can donate to one after the other as you complete a cycle, or you can donate to as many as you want at once as long as they are.

From each level you receive a 500% return.

The first 7 levels in CyberChain will double (x2) in value, the remaining 5 levels will triple (x3) in value, leaving anyone with betweens 200%-300% profit from each level after donating to the next.

Prefer to watch vs. read? Click here:

How to join

First of all you need a Tron Wallet.

Tron Wallet Installation

You can install the Tron Wallet to your phone or on your PC.

Click Here for installations instructions for Android and iPhone .

Click Here for installation instructions for PC using Google Chrome.

Funding Tron Wallet

Users of the App can deposit funds using BTC or ETH into the wallet and swap the funds into TRX (Tron).

This is done by using the Swap Button in the app. The swap button is found at the bottom of the app. It has the letter S with the two arrows around it. But for the fastest transaction swap/exchange BTC/ETH or any crypto to TRX. We suggest to use or

Users of (PC Install) need to use an exchange. A good exchange to use is or You will be able to exchange any crypto to TRX (Tron).

Which level to join?

Decide in which of the 12 levels you want to participate. The entry levels are as follows:

L1 100 trx –
L2 200 trx –
L3 400 trx –
L4 800 trx –
L5 1600 trx –
L6 3200 trx –
L7 6400 trx –
L8 19200 trx –
L9 57600 trx –
L10 172,800 trx –
L11 518,400 trx –
L12 1,555,200 trx

Join the matrix

Grab your link:

Paste it into the browser of your Tron Wallet. You will find it in the lower left corner of your app.

Change the language in the top right corner if needed.

To upgrade to the next level click on the small shopping cart icon.

Now you are ready to blast your link. You will find it if you scroll down to the bottom.

Happy earnings!

For questions please join Telegram group:

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