You missed Binance? Don’t miss Buytex.

Dear crypto enthusiasts,

On 14th July 2020 Binance celebrated their third anniversary. When they launched no one was thinking the crypto world needs a new exchange. However, Binance has become the biggest crypto exchange within a short period of time.

Binance 3rd anniversary

In July 2017 they launched their own coin BNB which was worth only a few cents at the beginning. It was 30$ at some point. Now it is moving in the range of 15$ to 18$.

Binance has a very smart referral system that helps you earn more BNB by referring people to the platform.

Do you wish you were one of those Binance users who bought BNB at a few cents? If so, check out Buytex!

BuyTex Network

Buytex Network is a project that helps to promote the Buytex exchange that will launch shortly. At this stage Buytex Network sells the BUX tokens which, like BNB, will be used on the exchange to get discounts on trading operations. Similar to Binance, they will burn 15% of BUX tokens that people spent on the exchange every quarter.

Buytex Exchange

Why do we need another exchange if the market has many serious competitors?

The Buytex exchange will have a strong focus on traders. All existing exchanges do not provide special trading tools. Traders have to use third party services like 3commas. The goal of Buytex is to integrate these trading services which will eliminate the need to connect third-party services via API.

About the company

Like many crypto ventures, Buytex is registered in Estonia and has a license that allows them to operate there. You can check the registration on the official Estonian registry website.

Buytex Technologies OÜ

People behind Buytex

CEO (Executive Director) – Andreas Berg, owner of the Singapore-based Berg Capital Index Fund. He took part in the development of the Bitmax exchange.

Buytex – Andreas Berg

SMO (Marketing Director) – Anshel Gear. Expert in the area of PR and marketing. He has led many successful cryptocurrency and financial projects in the past. He previously worked for large companies such as Zoran, Panasonic, and from 2015 to 2019. He was a marketing specialist at Bitcoin INC.

Buytex – Anshel Gear

How to participate

Currently, we get a chance to buy investment packages that include BUX at an exceptionally low rate. Depending on the package you will buy, 3.85% to 5.77% of your tokens will be unlocked every week.

You can convert your tokens immediately to USDT, BTC or ETH within the back office and send them to your external wallet.

You will earn from 15 to 23% per month from your package. However, after the exchange launches, we will be able to earn excess profits due to the growing BUX rate. The total number of issued tokens is 1 billion. The number of tokens is limited!

Investment packages

In total there are 6 investment packages you can choose from:

Silver from $ 50 to $ 199. It pays 3.85% per week or 15.4% per month. The package expires when it reaches 200% profit. Net profit of 100% in 52 weeks.

Gold from $ 200 to $ 799. It pays in 4.23% per week or 16.92% per month. The package expires when it reaches 220% profit. Net profit of 120% in 52 weeks.

Platinum from $ 800 to $ 2,499. It pays 4.62% per week or 18.48% per month. The package expires when it reaches 240% profit. Net profit of 140% in 52 weeks.

Diamond from $ 2500 to $ 9999. It pays 5% per week or 20% per month. The package expires when it reaches 260% profit. Net profit of 160% in 52 weeks.

VIP from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000. It pays 5.77% per week or 23% per month. The package expires when it reaches 300% profit. Net profit of 200% in 52 weeks.

Very important: You get additional profit once the exchange launches and the BUX token starts moving in price.

Token starting price: 1 $ = 10 BUX

Accrual of profit: weekly

Minimum deposit: 50 $

Minimum withdrawal: $ 5 (paid instantly)

Affiliate Program

For active partners, Buytex Network provides 5 types of bonuses:

  1. Direct bonus. Depending on the package you bought, you get 10-12% of the investment of your personally invited partners.
  2. Binary bonus. 10-13% of the binary pair. Example: You bought a Gold package, you have 5000 BUX in the left leg of the binary tree, and you have 7000 BUX in the right leg of the binary tree. In this case, you will get 10% from your weak leg volume (500 BUX of 5000 BUX).
  3. Matching bonus. – a bonus on top of the binary earnings of your team. Depending on your purchased package, 1 to 4 lines matching lines will unlock: 20% / 15% / 10% / 5% (see the picture above). Example: the partner you personally invited earned 1000 BUX with a binary bonus. Accordingly, you earn 20% of his bonus – 200 BUX.
  4. Leadership career. With growing team volume, you get a chance to win prizes like a Apple Watch or a Rolex watch.
  5. Quick Start Bonus. Having completed the Manager qualification in the first 30 days after purchasing the package, you will receive a BUX collectible coin with a valuable gift inside. The coin is physical that will be sent by mail. You will find a random prize inside. It may be $ 100, or maybe $ 1000.

How to join

  1. To sign up with Buytex Network please click:
  2. Enter your email and then the confirmation code you received to that email.
  3. Create a username and select your country from the list (Make sure that in the Sponsor line my nickname is Limbix.)
  4. Write down your Security Code on a piece of paper. It is needed for withdrawals!
  5. In your back office, go to the Finance section, select the top-up coin in the top line (BUX, BTC, ETH, USDT, AdvCash are now available). Send coins to the specified address.
  6. After replenishing the balance, buy the BUX token in the same Finance section.
  7. Now go to the Plans section to buy a package, entering the required number of tokens. Package selection is automatic which is triggered by the number of BUX you enter.
  8. Press the Buy / Confirm button.
  9. Done! Now do not forget to regularly withdraw profit!

Register at Buytex Network – click here!

For questions please join our Telegram Group –

Happy earnings!

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