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Dear crypto enthusiasts,

in this article we would like to review the cryptocurrency mining platform Mining City.

Company background

Mining City started as a project in ​December 2018​. For today they have miners in 4 different facilities provided by the hosting provider – MineBest. Mining City is a global company which rents out hash power to mine cryptocurrencies. Over ​200,000 customers​ have already trusted Mining City to unite their strength and increase their chance to strike digital gold! Mining City provides the mining power while taking care of the technology and maintenance, while the Mining City community reaps the rewards.

People behind

Greg Rogowski​ founded Mining City in 2018 and has grown it into one of the most successful and dynamic companies in the sector. He had previously been involved in the marketing and media sectors of major European media brands, covering TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. He found a good pivot in cryptomining, and has traveled much of the world preaching the merits of cryptocurrencies.
More about the CEO: ​Gregory Rogowski

Mining City rents out hash power​ to make it easier for people to mine cryptocurrencies in a secure way, and ​MineBest​ is a technologically advanced infrastructure company specializing in cryptographic computing activities. ​One of the most dynamically growing companies in the cryptocurrency mining industry​, their core business entails building data center facilities tailored for providing professional hosting services of mining equipment. ​MineBest is a strategic partner of Mining City.

More information about MineBest, visit ​​ and ​MineBest CrunchBase profile.

Eyal Avramovich – CEO of MineBest​ (established in 2017)​. He is a serial inventor and entrepreneur with many products on the market with ultra-thin technologies, robotics, customized vehicles and more. He was always been fascinated with advanced technological solutions, and when he heard about cryptocurrencies and blockchain many years ago he simply knew this would be the future and that he had to take part in it all. He got into mining Bitcoin around 2015. Founder of ​Digital Mining Organization​ – Non-profit organization dedicated to teaching people about blockchain, crypto mining industry and cryptocurrencies itself.

Achievements and reputation

Mining City

  • 250k users
  • 230M$ sales
  • About 1M$ sales a day


Received a reward of ​Top 10 mining farms Loved by Miners​ at the biggest Crypto Mining Conference in Frankfurt in 2019. ​Was also awarded for ‘​Best Reputation of Mining Farm​’.

200MW data centers

  • 2 EH/s (2% of all Bitcoin mining network hash rate)
  • 350 employees all over the world
  • 2000 square meters office in Poland

Transparency of Mining City

Mining City is using a 3rd party provider (​cryptocompare​) to calculate your estimated rewards from the plans. Mining City is a VIP customer​ of one of the biggest Bitcoin pool in the world (​​) – feel free to contact them via e-mail in that case. Want to see where your Bitcoins are being mined? Have a look at the ​official social media profiles​!

There are videos on YouTube from the facilities​, where people ​from Mining City​ were able to ​see one of the facilities on their own eyes​. There were already ​few trips​ that we organized – Check it out on social media to verify.

Each month Mining City is delivering a ​newsletter​ to members in ​6 different languages​, to sum up all the events and news that happened in that period of time. ​

Here are some financial aspects of Mining City:

  • 100$ = 1 TH
  • 35% commissions
  • 2% salaries
  • 24% miners
  • 6% farms
  • 3% shipping and taxes
  • 20% pre-mining – pre-mining – it is the first 90 days when they are giving rewards from mining but they have to wait for equipment to arrive and be installed 10% profit for the company

They were some case where mining facilities were “operating” without even buying miners​. In the case of Mining City, it’s ​as clear as it can possibly be​ with rewards being estimated by 3rd party provider. They are also providing exact information about the electricity costs and all the required specifications of the connected miners. You are sure about how many TH/s you are renting. Furthermore, they are making purchases of the miners daily, constantly adding more miners every day. That is why they can bring competitive mining rewards to our customers​.

Renting hash power is not a securities offering

Based on the case of Genesis Mining in South Caroline.

Genesis Mining was reported on 9 March 2018 in South Caroline as security (“without registering or operating under an exemption, offering service would be a violation of the South Carolina securities laws”) . After that Genesis Mining had to stop selling mining packages in that state, but after 5 months they received a reply that the ​cease and desist was removed after cooperation with lawyers​.

If you haven’t followed the story, you can read about what had initially happened here:​, (statement of the company) and inform yourself about the solution here: awn/​ (case have been resolved).

How To Join

  • Navigate to “Buy Plans” in the navigation pane and choose your package.
  • Choose “Buy now with BTC” if you want to pay with BTC. If you have BTCV, you can pay with BTCV.
  • Accept terms and conditions and click “OK”.
  • Send the exact amount shown to the address displayed.
  • It will take from 30 to 60 minutes to activate your package.

You can calculatre your potential mining results on Coin Calculators.

Happy earnings!

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