Praetorian Group International – PGI

Dear Crypto Enthusiasts,

have you have ever seen a network marketing company that offers digital products like crypto trading, Blockchain education and physical health related products – all in one?

Well, Praetorian Group International offers exactly that. Not only you can earn passive income through crypto trading and soon Forex trading, you can also buy numerous physical health related products.

But first things first. Who is behind Praetorian Group International?

CEO & Founder – RV Palafox

Former President and Co-Founder of Ai Trades Global and President and CEO of Ai Trades Philippines Inc.

Born in the Philippines, raised in America, and living for over 40 years. A family man and a professional Multi-Level Marketer for over 15 years. RV has a variety of experiences with International MLM companies. He has managed and performed with the highest degree of success.

RV has been instrumental to the success of multiple product based, international companies, including First Quadrant International Inc., FKC, Life Vantage, FG Express, Atomy & a multi billion dollar company, Jeunesse International.

RV’s extensive involvement with numerous Cryptocurrency based companies made him one of the pioneers of the Cryptocurrency world. His leadership in the industry have made him the best fit to lead the first and only Cryptocurrency Management Company in the world with a product. Cryptocurrency ATM’s are the way of the future.

Vice President – ROSARIO AUSTRIA, MD

Fellow of Anti-aging & Rejuvenation Medicine, Founding board member and past President of an Integrative Medical organization (PRIMA) and Association of Natural Medicine (PCAM) Dr.Rosario Austria is an avid believer of Cryptocurrency and proponent of peer to peer Digital Currency Exchange.

President PGI Europe – Helen L Graham

Helen was born and stillresides in the U.K.

She is married and a mother to 3 children.

Having attended Newcastle Dental School and Sunderland University, she holds qualifications both in Dentistry and Childhood Education which ultimately triggered her passion for helping others.

Her networking journey began in 2013 with a product-based company then shortly after, moved swiftly to the Cryptocurrency and Forex Industry. Her fast success quickly enabled her to leave her career and build her brand solely in the Network Marketing Industry.

President PGI Asia – Bako Faysal

Bako was born in Kurdistan Iraq and raise in the UK at four months old has three degrees in Visual communication and graphic design, health and social care, and business studies with seven years of work experience.

He is a also freelancer acquiring operational skills for a variety of industries and companies such as Nike, Macmillan Cancer support, future shift, Harborne Academy and Litchfield bowers plus Alongside the NHS.
He brings on board network marketing and fundraising skills acquired from numerous multi level marketing companies.

Being a top earner of the companies with a passion to travel and help people achieve financial freedom he is the perfect candidate for PGI President Asia.

Corporate Structure & Master Distributors

As you can see, the corporate structure is very solid and we’ve just mentioned a few key stakeholders. PGI has Presidents looking after four continents. There are also Presidents covering specific counties.

Apart from Presidents, there are Master Distributors across the world who assist the teams on the ground.

Obviously Master Distributors enjoy certain benefits like extra commissions. If your country is not covered by a Master Distributor, you can apply for that.

Products & Services

The first products PGI will be focusing on will be crypto related. Members can participate in crypto trading and earn passive income of 0.5% to 3.0% daily.

The contract is good for 365 days. However, it will be terminated once 200% profit was achieved.

Let’s assume, you’re earning 1% daily. After 200 days your contract will expire. You will have 30 days to renew your contract if you want to continue earning.

There are four types of PACKAGES. You get the benefit of greater dollar earning potential based on entry package. Your entry can be elevated at anytime.

Many other physical products will follow. Here are a few examples:

Types of commissions

  • Every member can have one account only but can purchase multiple PACKAGES.
  • When you upgrade to another package, you need to purchase new package at that level.

There are four types of bonuses you can earn:


Your participation in the Affiliate Referral Program will earn you commissions based on your purchase package.

Direct Referral Bonus

You will earn a percentage on each personal referral on the BTC volume generated.

Binary Bonus

  • Partner must have 1 Direct on the LEFT and 1 Direct on the RIGHT.
  • First pair does not qualify for Binary Bonus. (Safety Net)
  • Partners will receive a minimum of 8% binary commission daily, on the points volume generated from the smaller team.
  • Maximum Binary Bonus per day will depend on the individual package.
  • Minimum withdrawal of $20 per week.
  • Maximum withdrawal per week is 50% of individual package.

Binary Bonus Max Per Day

  • RUBY 8%
  • EMERALD 8%
  • DIAMOND 10%

Boost Up

  • Qualified members should have 2 Directs within 30 days of start of their agreement ( 1 left and 1right).
  • Qualified member will have to sponsor 2 new members on their first generation and these members should have an entry package of equal or higher than your entry package with the company.
  • Qualified member will qualify to have an additional 2% on Direct Referral and Binary bonus.

Renewal Bonus

  • Upon earning 200 percent profit from the trading of your original package, the system will automatically end and finish the agreement.
  • A new package has to be purchased within 30 days in order to continue earning profits and commissions or it will be deemed abandoned or dormant & account will be forfeited.

Corporate Recognition

PGI also has a career system that awards the most active distributors. Career bonuses can be anything from a Montblanc Pen to a Luxury Car.

Offices and events

PGI has physical offices in Singapore, Estonia, USA and Philippines. The trading desk is based in Manila and consists of 12 traders.

Trading is being carried out on two exchanges: Bitmex and BitBuy.

PGI is planning a big launch event in Bangkok, Thailand on the 30th May 2020. Members will have to qualify for an event ticket.

How to start

Signing up is very straight forward. Click the following link to start the registration process:

Fill out the form with your details and you will receive a confirmation email.

Click the link in your email to confirm your registration. That will take you to your dashboard.

Note: You can only refer people if you have an active package. Otherwise your referral will receive an error message.

To buy a package please select one of the packages available.

Buying the package is a manual process for now. However, it will be automated in due time.

The total USD amount will be shown to you including the fee of 19 USD.

Please use the XE website to calculate the exact BTC amount:

After you have paid BTC to the address shown, please upload both:

  • XE screenshot with the conversion
  • BTC Payment proof

Your deposit should be activated within 24 hours. You can also send an email to to expedite the process.

If you still need assistance, please join our Telegram group:

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