Grow your Instagram followers and get daily rewards in cryptocurrency

How to get real Instagram followers and get daily rewards in cryptocurrency? Impossible?

Well, UnitGram makes it possible. But first things first.

Why Instagram?

Instagram has become the clear go-to social media platform for businesses to build their brand.

With the platform recently eclipsing one billion users, it’s clear Instagram has become the hottest star across the social media landscape.

No wonder many influencers meanwhile consider Instagram their number one social media platform.

Do you have a brand or a business you want to promote on Instagram?

Do you struggle to get followers because people don’t want to follow someone with little or no followers?

UnitGram is here to help!

What is UnitGram?

UnitGram is a free service that helps you to get real followers on Instagram. This is one of the few legal ways to get followers without being banned by Instagram.

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If you want to promote your Instagram account for free, it will require some activity from your side. However, you can also buy a VIP package and get followers with no activity at all!

On top of that, you can get daily rewards in cryptocurrency.

How is that possible? With the 4th generation blockchain Minter!

What is Minter?

Minter is a super-fast Blockchain that processes up to 10,000 transactions per block every five seconds, and that is not the limit!

Forget about delays or waiting for another confirmation. You press the button, and your transaction is sent.

Minter is 200 times faster than Bitcoin! Now it gets a bit technical. But it helps you understand how daily rewards can be generated.

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The Minter blockchain runs on the Tendermint engine with the DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus algorithm.

And by the way, Minter is collaborating with TON Network.

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So called validators and their delegators help to validate/confirm Minter transactions and get rewarded for that.

What is BIP?

BIP is the Native Token of minter network and stands for Blockchain Instant Payment (BIP).

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It is also possible to create custom coins on Minter which are backed by the BIP reserve. Created coins (including BIP) are convertible to BIP or other crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ether and lot more in both inside and outside the network.

How does UnitGram work?

You can buy UnitGram tokens through the UnitGram Telegram Bot and delegate them to validators and receive daily rewards of 0,2%.

So, technically you become a delegator. The more delegators join the network, the higher the UnitGram price.

Not only you get daily rewards, you can also benefit from the growing UnitGram price.

How does this grow your Instagram followers?

Before a UnitGram member can buy BIP tokens, he or she will have to follow 10 Instagram users. Members who join after you will do the same and follow your Instagram account. If you buy a VIP package, your Instagram account will be followed more often.

These are real followers who will stay because once they unfollow you, they will stop receiving daily rewards.

Terms and conditions of UnitGram

  • Minimum investment amount is 20$.
  • You don’t have to delegate your UnitGram tokens.
  • But if you do, 20% of your tokens will be reserved for the affiliate program. 80% of your BIP tokens will be delegated.
  • BIP tokens that you delegate will be frozen for 30 days. This rule is set by Blockchain Minter to avoid dump activities.

Affiliate program of UnitGram

UnitGram has a smart affiliate program with an integrated career system. Your affiliate commissions will depend on your career rank.

Rank U0

  • Qualification: Personal deposit of 20$
  • Unlocked levels: 1
  • One-off bonus: 5%
  • Matching bonus: 5%

Rank U1

  • Qualification: Personal deposit of 300$
  • Team sales: 1000$
  • Unlocked levels: 3
  • One-off bonus: 5-2-1%
  • Matching bonus: 5-2-1%

Rank U2

  • Qualification: Personal deposit of 500$
  • Team sales: 3000$
  • Unlocked levels: 5
  • One-off bonus: 5-2-1-1-1%
  • Matching bonus: 5-2-1-1-1%

Rank U3

  • Qualification: Personal deposit of 1000$
  • Team sales: 10000$
  • Unlocked levels: 5
  • One-off bonus: 6-3-2-1-1%
  • Matching bonus: 6-3-2-1-1%
  • Infinity bonus: 1%

Rank U4

  • Qualification: Personal deposit of 2000$
  • Team sales: 100000$
  • Unlocked levels: 5
  • One-off bonus: 7-3-2-1-1%
  • Matching bonus: 7-3-2-1-1%
  • Infinity bonus: 1%

Rank U5

  • Qualification: Personal deposit of 5000$
  • Team sales: 1000000$
  • Unlocked levels: 5
  • One-off bonus: 7-3-2-1-1%
  • Matching bonus: 7-3-2-1-1%
  • Infinity bonus: 3%

One-off bonuses are paid based on the amount delegated by your partners.

Matching bonuses are paid based on daily rewards of your partners.

Infinity bonuses are paid based on daily rewards of your entire team. You don’t get infinity bonuses for partners with the same rank as you of higher.

How to start?

  1. Click here to launch the bot.
  2. Enter your email and Instagram name.
  3. Follow the Instagram profiles listed.
  4. To replenish your balance click “balance – deposit”
  5. Enter amount in USD. As of now only BTC is available to replenish your balance.
  6. Please send the exact BTC amount to the address shown.
  7. Once your UNITGRAMs are credited you can go to “balance – delegate” to delegate your tokens.
  8. If you want to increase your rewards to 9% monthly, go to “settings – autodelegate”

Happy earnings!

Join our Telegram group for more questions.

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