EXXA — Engage — X’Change — X’Pend — Achieve


EXXA is an underground opportunity that pays you to HODL cryptocurrency.

EXXA Network Pte Ltd
Engage — X’Change — X’Pend — Achieve

Vision: Democratisation Of Finance.
Mission: Empower the masses on their digital wealth creation journey.
Purpose: To provide a focused social wealth generation ecosystem for our partners and become a de-facto digital currency in the BlockChain industry.

The EXXA Platform:
• Mobile Wallet
• Crypto Exchange
• AI Trading Bot
• Digital Academy
• Digital Lifestyle
• Travel Network

BUILD: Fully Decentralised Apps
TRANSACT: At High Speed
ACCESSIBLE: Android, IOS, Windows, Embedded
CREATE: Your own tokens & assets
SAFEGUARD: Trusted certificates
DISTRIBUTED: Fully distributed Trustless ledger

✅ Founders

Danny Pang https://axxaglobal.com/about-us/
Francis Aw http://www.sq2fintech.com/about-us
Gregory Ang https://gangtv.com.sg/

✅ Shareholders

SQ2 FINTECH Pte Ltd $340k — 25% — http://www.sq2fintech.com/about-us
Founder Danny Pang $272k — 20% — https://axxaglobal.com/about-us/
Co-Founder Francis Aw $272k — 20% — http://www.sq2fintech.com/about-us
Co-Founder Gregory Ang $95k — 7% — https://gangtv.com.sg/
Michael Chia $380k — 28%
Total Capital = $1.36M

✅ Investors Background

Mr Arthur Tay
(One 15 Marina)
Mr Bobby Pang
(Chief Visionary & Business Architect at B.A.C.I)

✅ Company Acra Reg

EXXA Network Pte. Ltd.
Reg No : 200304464M

✅ Company Shareholders

28% — Mr Michael Chia Hock Meng
25% — SG Mobile App/Tech Firm SQ2 FINTECH Private Limited
20% — Mr Danny K Pang
20% — Mr Francis Aw Yong Cheong Yam http://www.sq2fintech.com/about-us
7% — Mr Gregory Ang Teck Huat

✅ Legal Advisory

Mr Roy Ong
Counsel Director & Co-Founder Of Arrow Gates LLC with Ms Yeong WH.

✅ Systems Support

Ms Lynn Cheah
30years experiences in audit, accounting & software related Business Consultancy like KPMG & Resorts World.

✅ AI Trading Bot


✅ Ecosystem

The Verticals
Wealth & Health
Academy & Lifestyle

✅ EXXA Academy

Mr K.C See will be EXXA Digital Academy Founding Partner to launch Digital Wealth & MSI programs and seminars across the Global market.

✅ Technical Support

Servicing Centre :
360 Orchard Road #06–07 International Building S238869

✅ Marketing/Material Support

EXXA Network Pte Ltd

✅ Office Location

360 Orchard Road #06–07 International Building S238869

✅ Roadmap

Releasing on 29th Sep

✅ Pre-Launch Day!

29th Sep Sun 1pm-4pm

✅ Pre-Launch Location

One 15 Marina Ballroom 1

✅ Event Entry Fees $20.00

Hi Tea will be served

✅ EXXA Launch Price


✅ Download EXXA App

An exciting future lies ahead for those who seize opportunity.

Join the movement!

EXXA is now available in App Store!

EXXA is now available in GooglePlay!

Referral code: 39240722

How to start:

#exxa #exxanetwork #exxaplatform #exxawallet

Telegram Support: https://t.me/joinchat/A6hwYE7s_f-Y9vRyyMpcAg

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