Wotoken and Plustoken entry level too high? Check out SCF Token.

Dear Partners,

I have probably heard about PlusToken and WoToken. Both have attracted a lot of attention in the recent months and have reached a truly global footprint.

The only challenge with both of them is the high entry level – 500$ on PlusToken and 1.000$ on WoToken.

If you feel like having the same challenge, you really should check out SCF Token. The entry level here is only 100$.

SCF Token is partnering with the ZB Exchange. CodingFly is the developing company behind SCF Token and is incorporated within the ZB MEGA Exchange which is affiliated with the ZB group.


CodingFly and BUMO officially held a meeting for technology strategic cooperation. CodingFly is the world’s first chain developer community. BUMO is the next generation commercial basic Blockchain. Both parties will jointly support more developers to develop application programs based on BUMO and to facilitate Blockchain applications.


Currently, CodingFly is providing block chain technology development skills, technological group formation or maintenance, technical training and public relations skills such as TRON, BUMO, Palletone, FIBOS, CareerOn.

After the CodingFly community product was released, more than 110,000 professional developers came to the developer’s community in a short time.


SCF wallet AI asset management system.

The SCF Token management team won the Huobi´s championship and Golden Financing global quantitative trading convention in 2019 with a monthly profit of 92.38% profit (source https://www.jinse.com/news/bitcoin/294558.html).


Roadmap of SCF Token

March 2019 – SCF Token release South east Asia

April – Release of Mastercard / Visa

May – ZM Mega exchange listed on stock exchange

June- Affiliation and game release

July – Asia Meetup event

November – SCF token shopping mall testing

December – SCF listed on domestic and large international stock exchange

February 2020 – SCF token shopping mall open


SCF Token Team

Bruce Zhang is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Roy Zhang is the Chief Operating (COO)


Jacky and is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Puneet Goyal is one of the partners from Toronto, Canada


Hans-Arno Jacobsen and Gray Tsuji are partners from Canada as well


How it works

– Earn 8% – 18% monthly interest in SCF token on the value you deposit in your private wallet.

– Minimum deposit only $100 (private keys held by you only)

– Deposit using BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, TRX, BCH, QTUM and LTC –  Convert / Withdraw SCF token in BTC, ETH or EOS

– Withdraw capital at any time, within 15 days 5% fee, after 15 days 1% fee.

– Users depositing more then $500 will be subject to airdrops of TRX, BUMO, XRP, ADA and more

– All payments calculated 12pm (automatic system)


Compensation Plan

Matching bonuses are paid based on your partner’s daily earnings.

Direct sponsored are contributing with 100% matching bonus.

Level 2 – 10, 10% matching

Rank level gives infinity levels of 6% – 15% on all levels depending on rank level.


How To Download and Sign Up

Step 1: click here to download the App  ……………………https://scfly.io/scf/download/app

you can copy the link and paste to your browser to start the download, (Firefox or Chrome) browser works best.

Step 2:  install and launch your App

Step 3: change the App language to English.

Step 4: click on Registration and fill in, your details after you have selected your country

Step 5: you will need to input your mobile number to get SMS verification code to complete your registration, it’s takes only 60 seconds to arrive, ⚠️ Do Not include your country code in your mobile number like +1, +234, +18 etc ⚠️

Step 6: input invitation code: scfmaniacs2

Hit the Sign up button and congratulations in advance!


Wallet business is starting on March 20th.

Minimum investment amount $ 100.

Pre registration available now, https://scfly.io/scf/download/app – sign up code: scfmaniacs2

Join our Telegram group to get immediate support.

Happy earnings!

Your Network Money Team

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