WoToken Wallet with Trading Software Apollo – Better than Plus Token?

Dear Partners,

if you follow my blog, you’re probably familiar with Plus Token. That’s a Crypto Wallet with an integrated Arbitrage Trading bot that delivers up to 18% monthly profit.

Plus Token has reached some huge popularity over the last few months. It has started in South Korea but is meanwhile known on almost every continent of the world. The Plus Token price has moved to incredible 36$ and Leo, the CEO of Plus Token, has even met with prince Charles at a Charity Dinner.

While the world is looking at Plus Token, a new star was born, without attracting a lot of attention by the public.

Wo Token


Wo Token is the most innovative smart wallet that pays you to HODL cryptocurrency. It is being operated by the Japanese Exchange Neraex.

The daily trading volume of Neraex was 2.1 mln USD when writing this article.


Neraex saw the huge potential behind Wo Token and acquire the whole blockchain multi-ecosystem in October 2018.

Wo Token was officially launched in China on 12th December 2018. Beginning of February it came to South Korea. Mid of February it was first seen on social media outside of those two countries.

The Wo Token multi-ecosystem was designed by the well-known 1WorldBlockchain  developers who are specialized on delivering blockchain based solutions.

In this video, the CEO of 1WorldBlockchain and the founder of Wo Token, Edward Wu, talks about Wo Token at the Unblock Community conference in Hong Kong:


Wo Token is registered in two different jurisdictions, Singapore and Virgin Islands.


Wo Token was represented on some of the major Blockchain conferences in Asia. One of the them was the Unblock Community conference that took place in Hong Kong.




The intelligent Wo Token has a big vision with the primary goal to make digital assets spendable. That’s why they are partnering with a MasterCard Issuing Company Global Cash. The Wo Token DApp (decentralized app) will enable users to buy crypto assets using credit cards.

To learn more about Wo Token please also refer to the White Paper.

Wo Token White Paper

What is the Wo Token DApp?

DApp is spelled out as Decentralized App. The Wo Token DApp will help you store some of the crypto assets including the Wo Token itself.

You can use the DApp to hold and manage your cryptocurrency. But you can also get rewarded if you submit your cryptocurrency to the Apollo software that is integrated to the DApp. The minimum investment value is 1.000$ and you can choose from two plans:


You can withdraw your profits but also your principal at any time!

Your profits will be accrued in Wo Tokens and can be converted to other coins within the app.

How to get started

To get started you need to download and install the Wo Token DApp:





When registering you need to enter a sign-up code.

Sign-up code: xyi8SQ3h5C

Before you can start your DApp, you need to approve the developer GIA Tech s.r.o. under General Setting –> Device Management.


After you’ve successfully registered you can transfer funds to your wallet. When writing this article following crypto assets were available: BTC, WBD, ETH, EOS, USDT, LTC, BCH, SKB.

Once you have added cryptocurrency to your wallet you can start your Apollo software.

Please find a detailed start up guide here.

If you prefer a video tutorial please watch the following video:


If you still have questions please send me an email to networkmoneyblog@gmail.com or hit me up on Telegram.

Happy earnings!

Your WoToken Team WORiers


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