NEXUS Global launches Forex Explosion

Dear Partners,

If you are part of NEXUS Global, you have probably recognized a new icon in your back office which says „Forex Explosion“ and looks like that:

If you are not part of NEXUS Global you might want to register and check out the new product.

Forex Explosion is a fully automated Forex Trading that was launched on 27th January 2019.

NEXUS Global Forex Explosion 001

To make Forex Explosion possible NEXUS Global has teamed up with the Forex specialist „Tulpar Overseas Ltd.“ This company works with high reputable traders from Hamburg (Germany) and Frankfurt (Germany). 

In order to participate you need no expertise in Forex and don’t need to be familiar with MT4. Everything is fully automated.

How it works

The entry level for Forex Explosion is only 100$. And there are 9 different packages available, from 100$ to 50.000$.

NEXUS Global Forex Explosion 003.png

All 9 contracts are good for 24 months.

First daily payouts can be expected 48 hours after contact begin.

First withdrawals can be requested after 30 days. The minimum withdrawal amount is 30$.

The lowest package will have a 5% monthly yield. On the biggest package you can expect a 30% monthly profit.

Trading is being performed from Monday to Friday. Profits will be shown in your Forex Explosion back office every Friday and will be credited to your payout wallet in the NEXUS Global dashboard.

50% of the package price can be reinvested and will allow 1% additional profit per month.

Tulpar Overseas Ltd. has been able to generate from 18,85% to 33% monthly profits during the last 6 months.

Risk warning: Leveraged products involve a high level of risk.

Affiliate commissions

If you refer people to Forex Explosion you will be able to earn affiliate commissions. The Forex product is fully integrated into the NEXUS Global binary plan that allows you to earn 10% direct commission and 8% binary bonus. All commission will be credited to your NEXUS Global dashboard. 

How to get started

Log in to your NEXUS Global dashboard.

Click on the Forex Explosion icon in the right upper corner.

NEXUS Global Forex Explosion 002.png

Please register. Some of your personal data will be pre-populated. 

After you are successfully registered you can now buy a Forex package.

To do so, please go to Finances —> Deposit wallet.

Enter the amount you want to invest in USD, choose BTC (the only payment option for now).

Click „Deposit“ which will take you to the Coinpayments website where you can perform your payment using one of the four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or Litecoin.

After successful payment you will find your funds on the deposit wallet.

Now you can migrate to „Forex Packages“ and click „Purchase“ choosing your „Deposit Wallet“ as means of payment.

Done. Congratulations.

I hope this short review will help you get started. You might also want to watch the latest webinar with the CEO Christian Michel Scheibener where he talks about Forex Explosion in more detail:


Register here!

Happy earnings!


3 thoughts on “NEXUS Global launches Forex Explosion

  1. I’m Nomzamo, I’d like to know if the affiliated income for referrals are a once off pay out or per payout since you withdraw after every 48hrs???
    And are going to reduce the income percentage anytime soon?for example the 100$package was 25% initial and now it’s come??


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