Dominant Finance – Summary after 6 weeks

Dear Partners,

it has been six weeks since Dominant Finance has officially started. Many things have happened since then. The company has made some very good progress.

Magnus Larsson, the compliance chief officer, is holding regular webinar to keep investors updated on company’s activities.

Dominant Finance Webinar Magnus Larsson

Please find below a summary of his last webinar:

1. Dominant Finance has recently celebrated the first milestone – 10,000 registered users. Right now the company is counting 13,590 registered users, of which 2,000 have purchased at least one investment package.


Dominant Finance 10000 registered users

2. The current split of investment packages purchased by our customers:

–– the DOMINANT package is the indisputable leader, with 63% of all purchased packages;
–– the second most popular package is the ALTPOOL package (16%);
–– which is followed by the CRYPTON package (15%)
–– and the share of the largest MASTODON package, which is very rarely available for purchase, is 6%.

3. Dominant Finance has the goal of having 20,000 registered users in the first two months.

4. Dominant Finance has registered users from more than 60 countries which proves the international footprint.

5. Dominant Finance has developed a slogan for the community, and now every partner belongs to a dynamically developing cryptocurrency community – BETTER TOGETHER! This is the banner under which the company is going to publish all online materials related to the development of Dominant Finance, carry out various activities in different countries and create new cryptocurrency products and services within the community.

Dominant Finance Better Together

6. Dominant Finance is looking for leaders from around the world, ultra-motivated and enthusiastic about the global cryptocurrency movement. And for the next two months the goal is to attract the strongest leaders from such countries as Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, China and Korea to our community.

Dominant Finance Better Together Indonesia


7. Are there any advantages for those partners who are not yet ready to become a Country Manager in their region? Yes, for such partners Dominant Finance also has certain conditions. For example, if you refer a leader to the community, who becomes the Country Manager, you get a bonus in the amount of 0.1 Bitcoin. This serves as an additional incentive program for those who refer leaders from the MLM industry to the role of Country Manager at Dominant Finance.

8. Currently the company is participating in a medium-term trade of $511,000. And as soon as the profit is locked, the company will publish the trade on the BTC/USDT pair. Dominant Finance expects to earn 17% over a period of one and a half to two months.

9. The company kept its word to all Dominant Finance partners and purchased a new batch of ASIC Antminer equipment for $250,000. This is what was told us during the last webinar, that when the capitalization of the company reaches $1,000,000, they will purchase a new batch of equipment for 25-30% of the entire capital.

10. Dominant Finance is inviting the 20 most active and dedicated distributors of Dominant Finance to the first meeting with the company management in the Moscow office. A special program will be prepared for this purpose. The 20 key partners of Dominant Finance can meet with the company management, visit the Central Office and visit one of the corporate mining data centers. This opportunity will be provided to partners that achieved the career rank of Junior Agent and higher! These leaders have demonstrated a high level of commitment and there deserve the trip.

Dominant Finance leadership meeting Moscow

I’m very excited about this first milestone event. Be sure that I will report out on that afterwards!

Happy earnings!

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