AI Trade – New Era Of The Cryptocurrency Industry

Dear Partners,

There are many crypto companies out in the market that try to combine different business-areas in one business, like crypto mining and crypto trading.

But there is one company that combines many different crypto currency related business-areas in one platform.

AI Trade Logo

Let me start off with explaining the “AI” which stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI Trade has positioned itself like a company that wants to make the «impossible» possible.
AI Trade is a new digital crypto currency based company with an important network marketing part attached to it.

They claim to be able to probably pay from 1% and up to 2% and even 3 – 4% per day on money paid into certain contracts by its partner affiliates. And frankly, this is where they first lost me. I have seen too many «passive» income schemes come and go promising 1% and more per day, all of which later proved to be nothing more than a bad pyramid scheme.

But as I kept on reading and looking into this, I also saw something else: I saw claims that this new company already had a most solid and comprehensive foundation fully developed and in place working right now.

This included a rather large manufacturing plant outside the center of Kiev with a capacity to produce up to 1.000. crypto currency ATM machines per month, – and some very sophisticated and advanced Artificial Intelligence software designed to do crypto currency trading and arbitrage, – plus crypto currency mining and much much more!
AI Trade is the brainchild of Mr. Joff Paradise who himself has extensive experience in the world of business including in the area of network marketing.

AI Trade Manufacturing Ukraine

AI Trade Manufacturing Ukraine 001
In spite of the fact that this company is only a few months old, – several tens of million dollars has been invested in building the most solid and technology advanced foundation one can possibly imagine.

While the network marketing part still is only in a very modest pre-launch phase, – the rest of the company was for sure in no pre-launch situation! (The actual official pre-launch of the company as a network marketing company will take place in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan on September 24th and 25th, – then similar events in Vietnam and The Philippines, – followed by a huge pre-launch event in Kiev, Ukraine in the month of October this year.)

The world headquarters of AI Trades is located in Kiev.



AI Trade World Headquarters

This photo shows the main entrance to the AI Trade hospitality center and office facilities in the center of Kiev. Please note the two models of the AI Trade crypto currency ATM machines to the right, – and pay particular attention to the text above the door: “We build through listening to you!”



Here is a short video from the first AI Trade presentation that took place in that office:


What does this company do?

AI Trade as a company is involved in or are working towards getting involved in several different and very exciting areas of the digital crypto currency business. And the most exciting part to understand is that we are all passively going to earn money from all of these areas. Areas which right now is in operation and working to earn us money, and some super exciting areas which will be activated in the future are the following: (More is coming)



Crypto Currency Trading:
Using our own uniquely designed Artificial Intelligence (AI) software we are trading in different crypto currencies, buying, selling and storing under 100% secure conditions. 100% of the profits belongs to the members.

Crypto Currency Arbitrage:
«Arbitrage» is a trading activity where the company simultaneously buys and sells crypto currencies on several different platforms (exchanges) for the purpose of profiting from their price differences. Again, AI comes into play.

Crypto Currency Mining:
«Mining» of crypto currencies has become a huge global business. AI Trade are now preparing to participate in this potentially very profitable activity with some new and revolutionary «mining solutions» of their own!

Crypto Currency ATM machines:
This was perhaps as of right now the most impressive revelation during our visit in Kiev. The company has already built up a huge manufacturing facility outside the center of Kiev where they are right now producing a series of new ATM machines for crypto currencies.

Crypto Currency Alt Coins:
While BITCOIN of course is the worlds no. 1 crypto currency there are many, many other interesting crypto coins entering the market-place. Some of those offers unique profit possibilities and the company monitors the market and invests in the most promising ones on behalf of the members.



Crypto Currency ICO´s:
ICO = Initial Coin Offerings. The company will on a regular basis investigate and evaluate new ICO´ offerings for the purpose of participating in those for maximum profits on behalf of the members.



The above six (6) areas of income-producing activities is however just the beginning as more sources of income providing funds to the pool will be added in the future. ALL of those will combined be creating the daily percentage where all members will earn a daily passive income.

For the last three (3) weeks this daily percentage has been an average of 0,31% per day. However, – according to the company this is only the beginning and in fact the daily percentage has been indicated to climb to more than 1% in the not too distant future, – and perhaps even to 2% and 3% as three things are happening:

1) The Artificial Intelligence software will improve as it matures and learns over time and therefore this alone will for sure help to increase the daily percentage.

2) Several of the six (6) sources of income mentioned above has not really been activated yet and therefore, as all of those are activated this also will help to increase the daily percentage.

3) And finally, – a few additional, potentially very powerful income producing activities will be added to the six mentioned above. Again, this should definitely also increase the daily percentage.



And this how the detailed compensation plan looks so far:

AI Trade Compensation Plan

There are 4 different levels. Every level will allow you to invest a specific amount. The higher your package, the more daily profit you can expect from that (from 0.01% to 0.40% daily). Similar with the Software Agreement. They higher the package, the more expensive is the software package.

I have decided to test the Level 1 package with 0,05 BTC. Here is a snapshot of my back office:

AI Trade Level 1 investment

How to activate your AI Trade account:

AI Trade investment tutorial

Once your bitcoins has arrived to your account inside the AI Trade system you will find them in the «Funds Wallet» area to the left. The green choice almost at the bottom of the page.

Now you need to purchase an one-year «agreement» for bitcoins equal to US$49.99. This is usually at the start more than good enough as the next step, – or the more expensive agreement costs US$99.99 if your investment is a total of one bitcoin or more. (Approx. US$6.400,- right now.)

Go to «Agreements». To the left you will see a large yellow button with the words «New Agreement». Click on this and you will be taken to a page looking like this:



After this you must also remember to activate your «agreement». This can only be done on a Monday, – and your investment will therefore always be put on hold for a few days before the daily interest starts to be paid to you. This «activation» is done by clicking on the large black button with the word «RUN», visible in the upper right hand-side corner of every page in your back-office.

Always remember to do this every single Monday thereafter for a total of 12 months for each «Agreement» you own.



Customer Support



«Support» is always a very important part of any online business or income producing concept you get involved with. And we are extremely both happy and even proud. to state that the «SUPPORT» for AI Trade is just absolutely excellent!

The company has a very professional support system going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This in itself is unique!

But even more important, – those of us who has used this support system has been VERY impressed with its professionalism and efficiency! AI Trade support is available through a special Facebook Messenger account set up for the purpose, – as well as through Telegram for those who are familiar with this. If not familiar with this, – you can download Telegram to your computer or to your smart-phone and then have AI Support at your fingertips whenever you need it.

My personal experience is that it only takes a few minutes for questions to be answered! Which is way better than the normal «We always attempt to respond to your support tickets within 24 – 36 hours.» Others we have talked to have the exact same experience. And remember, – you can use AI Support support even at 4AM in the morning if necessary!



A quick OVERVIEW of the exciting AI Trade network marketing plan

This is not the time and place for a detailed explanation of the AI Trade network marketing plan. However, – we will now give you a quick overview as a «teaser» for you to want to learn more later.

First, – a person may join the AI Trade plan on one of four (4) different levels.
Although in most cases a person will gradually move up through the levels, starting on level 1. Your income starts of course, – with the commission you are paid on «direct referrals». Depending on the level you are on, – this starts with 8% commission on level 1 and goes up to 11% on level 4.


AI Referral Commision.png


With other words: You recruit Bob who adds bitcoins worth $1.000 to his AI Trade account and you will be paid US$80,- as a one-tome commission. However, – here is one rather exciting part of this: When Bob decides that he wants to also add his commissions to his AI Trade account in order to be paid the daily percentage on these funds, – you are again paid 8% of the $80 for instance. This is $6.40 paid to you each day Bob does this.


And as the amounts in bitcoins grow together with the number of members in your organization, this will potentially become a significant amount in only commissions per month. Particularly when you also include the commissions from a large number of persons on the potentially 10 levels below you in this part of the plan.

Before continuing we need to inform you that we have received word from the company that the entire plan is about to be slightly improved and tweaked a bit.

And, any day now there will be a UNIQUE income calculator with instructions in the back office helping us all to better understand the plan and the power of the plan.



The Binary plan:



Then there is the Binary Plan in this opportunity. In this plan the member (partners) will receive a 10% binary commission based on the volume in the weakest leg of the partner. This is being paid to infinity, – but with a daily payout cap of 20 bitcoins per day. When this is written this amounts to a maximum of approx. US$128.500 per day!



The Matrix BONUS plan:

And finally there is the Matrix plan, which is referred to as the 3 x 15 Matrix BONUS plan. The word «bonus» here refers to the fact that the Matrix plan in AI Trade is regarded as a bonus for those partners who has achieved the minimum goal required for participation in this plan. This is how it will work:

First, you must have earned a minimum of bitcoin 0.25 in your Commission Wallet to be included in the Matrix BONUS plan. This is equal to approx. US$1.650,- right now.

Once you have done this you will once a month (on the first day of the month) be paid bitcoin 0.001 for each. partner member you have in your network team within the 2×15 matrix. Bitcoin 0.001 is equal to approx. US$6,50 right now. This then means that the maximum potential here is US$6.50 multiplied with the maximum number of partners fitting into your 2×15 matrix (which is 21.523.356 personer!).

The mathematical correct answer then is: 21.523.356 x $6,50 = US$139.901.814,- With other words, more than $139 million US dollars per month.

This is of course a totally «crazy» number! And in a real life situation nobody will ever achieve this exact amount of dollars as their monthly income. However, the number is mathematically 100% correct and therefore serves to indicate the truly exciting potential really possible within this 3 x 15 matrix!

And since the maximum only can be achieved if you are on «level 4» of this plan, (requires that you have a minimum of 5 bitcoins (approx. US$32.500,-) in total agreement deposits) let us see what you should be able to achieve in income from this matrix plan based on you being on level 1:

Level 1 means you will earn from this matrix down to 5 levels, or from a total of maximum 360 people. 360 x $6,50 is: US$2.340,- per month in EXTRA bonus!

Level 2 means you will earn from this matrix down to 7 levels, or from a total of up to 3.276 people. 3.276x $6,50 is: US$21.294,- per month in EXTRA bonus!

I will not go further here. The point was only to show you the surface of this part of the opportunity or the beginning potential if you will.



If this opportunity sparked your interest, feel free to register using the following link.

Happy earnings!

Best regards,




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  1. Best blog about AI Trade from an outsider I’ve ever seen. Great resource for people both new to either AI Trade, Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and even MLM in particular.


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