Dominant Finance – Officially Started

Dear Partners,

Dominant Finance has officially opened doors on 27th July 2018 as announced early June.

Dominant Finance official launch

The first day was dedicated to Affiliate Partners that took their positions before individual investors could start registrations on 28th July 2018.

Right from the start all four investment pools (Crypton, Altpool, Dominant and Mastodon) were available. Three of them were sold out after 48 hours.

New pools will be released soon. But before you can invest in pools you need to replenish your transit account first.

Just click “investments”, choose replenishment method, choose currency and click “pay”. That will take you to the payment processor. If you picked cryptocurrency it will take you to the Coinpayments website. Just follow the instruction shown to complete the payment. Your funds should appear on your transit account shortly.

Now you can invest in one of the investment pools. Choose the pool you want to invest in, choose the balance you want to use and click “purchase”.

Dominant Finance Investment Pools.jpg

This pool will be collecting funds until it is full and completed. After completion it will take another 3-5 days until the mining equipment will be installed and put into operation. From now on you will be receiving daily profits.

Withdrawals can be placed on the internal exchange from Sunday 15:00 CET to Tuesday 15:00 CET.

Here is some details on how the internal exchange service works:

🔳 Before you can place a bid on the exchange, you need to create a secret password in the „settings“ section under „security“.
🔳 You also need to enter your payment details in the „settings“ section under „payment information“.
🔳 Now you can place you bid on the exchange.
🔳 In the „financials“ section you will find the tab „sell“.
🔳 Choose payment system and amount (please pay attention to minimum bid amounts by currency in the lower section“.
🔳 Set the commission using up and down arrows (0.1% increments). Tip: The higher commission you will choose, the more attractive your bid might appear to potential buyers.
🔳 Enter your secret password and click „generate bid“.
🔳 Your bid is now placed on the exchange.
🔳 If no other user will buy your bid within 3 days, the company has the right to interfere and buy your bid at the standard withdrawal fee of 2%.
🔳 According to terms & conditions it won’t take longer than 10 days to process your bid. Average processing time is estimated to be 3-4 days.

I hope it helps you to get started.

If you haven’t registered yet, feel free to click here and do so.

Best regards,


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