Crypto World Evolution – Registration Process and Bot Activation

Dear Partners,

in this post I would like to help you to get registered and activate your Crypto World Evolution Bot.

CWE packs

1. Step: Get your affiliate link

It is in your interest to find a sponsor that will assist you and help you understand CWE. If you are into crypto and you are trading on exchanges, it will be a 10 minute job for you to set up the bot. But if you are new to the crypto world, you might need some support. If you find that I am supporting you well with my content, please feel free to use my link.

2. Step: Click “Join now” and accept “CWE Policy and Procedures”.


Please carefully read all bullet points. To become an Independent Software Partner (ISP)  you have to check every box and click “accept”.

3. Step: Enter your personal data.

Once you have accepted all policies and procedures, you will be directed to this screen:


All fields with an asterisk are mandatory fields. At the bottom of the form you will be required to verify yourself entering data from your passport. You can also postpone that step to a later date by checking the box.

4. Step: Buy your package

Once you have filled out the formed and clicked “continue”, you will be directed to the product selection:


I would recommend to start with CWE Trade Pack (500$). You can easily upgrade to Trade8 or Win8 any time.

1 PVP = 1 USD

If you click on your Pack, a QR code will pop up that you can use to pay with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the only payment type that is accepted.

Your funds will be deposited to the Cash Wallet:


You can also pay your packs from your daily earnings once you get some or commissions that you have earned. You can also get funds transferred from someone else that you cab use.

I recommend to send a bit more than 500$ to ensure you have enough for your payment.

Once your payment has arrived in the Cash Wallet, you can enter the amout required (500) and click “Pay Now”.

5. Step: Your personal trading dashboard!

Congratulations! Now you have access to your personal dashboard!


Please click on “Trading Center” to get to your personal “Trading Account”.


Click on “Trading Center” again. This is how your personal trading dashboard will look like:


6. Step: Set up your Robot

Click on “My Robots” in the left navigation bar and then “Add Robot” in the right lower area.


Before you can do the next step you have to create an API on your crypto exchange. During my tests Binance appeared to be the most effective exchange.

Go to your account (top right corner).


Click on API settings:


Enter any name (you can call it CWE) to create a new key and click “Create New Key”.

You will get an API key and a secret key. You will need both to set up this API on CWE.

Now go to “API keys” in your CWE Trading Dashboard and click “Add API key”.


Please fill out all fields including API key and Api Secret:


Now you can set up the robot using this API. Go to “My Robots” and “Add Robot”:


Fill our all necessary fields and choose the HPSI robot:


Enter the amount you want to be traded.

Important: The same amount has to be available for trading on your exchange!


To deposit Bitcoins to your Binance account please go to “Funds –> Balances –> BTC –> Deposit. The BTC address including a QR code will pop up that you can use to pay.

7. Step: Enjoy Profits

Now you can watch your Robot placing trades. Click on “orders” to see the trades.


Don’t be disappointed of all trades start off with a minus. This is because of the purchase commission the exchange is charging. However, the positive result will compensate for that commission.

If you would rather watch a video, please help yourself:

Happy earnings!



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