Nexus Global – FAQ sheet

What is NEXUS Global?
❗️NEXUS Global is a new MLM company that offers 8 businesses on one platform.
The core business of NEXUS Global is Crypto Currency Mining.


 How can I earn with NEXUS Global?
❗️ You can select from 12 very competitive BTC Mining packages.

🔲 25$ – 100GH/s
🔲 50$ – 200GH/s
🔲 100$ – 400GH/s
🔲 500$ – 2.000GH/s
🔲 1.000$ – 4.000GH/s
🔲 3.000$ – 12.000GH/s
🔲 5.000$ – 20.000GH/s
🔲 7.500$ – 30.000GH/s
🔲 10.000$ – 40.000GH/s
🔲 15.000$ – 60.000GH/s
🔲 25.000$ – 100.000GH/s
🔲 50.000$ – 200.000GH/s

Please enter the Hashrate you have purchased into the following tool to estimate your potential profit: Set power consumption to zero.

What are the terms of mining packages?
 ❗️ Every package has a term of 24 months and starts working 21 days after activation.

How can I pay my mining packages?
 ❗️ For the time being you can pay with 5 crypto currencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH) and bank wire. Additional payment options will be added soon.

How can I withdraw my earnings and how long does it take?
 ❗️ For the time being you can withdraw earnings to your Bitcoin wallet which will take maximum 24 hours.

 What is the withdrawal minimum?
 ❗️ For the time being it’s 30$ which might change with the implementation of the new NEXUS multi-wallet.

 Is there any withdrawal fee?
 ❗️ For the time being the withdrawal fee is 1%. With the implementation of the new NEXUS multi-wallet there will be no fee.

 Is NEXUS Global legit?
❗️ NEXUS Global is officially registered in Hong Kong. The European headquarters is going to be in Zug, Switzerland. You can download all company documents from the dashboard.

Who is the CEO of NEXUS Global?
❗️Christian Michel Scheibener.

Do I have to refer people to earn?
 ❗️ No. You can earn passively with your mining packages.

How much can I earn referring people?
 ❗️ If you refer people you can earn 10% direct bonus and 10% binary bonus (based on your weaker leg).

How can I join NEXUS Global?
❗️You can join using this link:

‼️ Caution: The FAQ sheet is subject to continuous changes. Please make sure you have the latest version. ‼️




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