Nexus Global – Roadmap


Dear Partners,

the CEO of Nexus Global Christian Michel Scheibener has presented the short-term Roadmap in his webinar on 01.05.2018. And this is how it looks like:

Nexus Global Roadmap.jpg


– Transfering money internally from user to user will be possible
– Binary Tree correction left / right issue
– Registration process will be made easier
– Payment processors will be added: ADV / IDEAL / Credit Card Master/Visa
– Calculation of binary commissions will always be midnight CET
– Visualization Dashboard: Binary Eligibility and Matching Generation will be shown
– Nexus Crypto Wallet will be launched (implemented by 8Crypt Wallet)
New languages in the Dashboard (Google translate will disappear)
Nexus Academy / Funnel System will be launched (incl. landing pages)
– Connection to Crypto Debit Card will be created
Mining Pool will be visible online (collaboration with a partner pool)
Company Papers / T&C will be online in the Dashboard
– Corporate company presentations will be online in the Dashboard
– Support email will go live / Leipzig based (English, German and Spanish to be launched first)

All these things will be implemented short term, meaning from a few days to a few weeks.

Other things that were mentioned outside of the roadmap:

– Weekly newsletters will be sent out on Mondays
Payout Wallet will be renamed to Commission Wallet
Minimum withdrawal value is 10$
– SSL will be implemented
– Unilevel products will be implemented next week
– Binary activation deadline extended to one week


You can also watch the full webinar on YouTube:


Stay tuned!

Best regards,


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