Nexus Global – New Dashboard!

Dear Partners,

today Nexus Global has announced the first huge milestone of its young company history, the new Dashboard!

It was a long and challenging way. Many technical issues were fixed and improved in the background. It took investors and leaders a lot of patience. But Aristotle once said: “Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.” An this is what the Dashboard looks like, very sweet.

Nexus Global MLM Dashboard

Today we can start buying our personal Mining Packages. And if you are a team leader, you can start earning affiliate commissions.

If you are registered through 8crypt already, please go to:

Please login with your email address and password! You will get an email with your new password automatically! Welcome to the Dashboard. You can change your password anytime under My Account –> Profile.

If you not registered yet, please feel free to use this link.

If you want to purchase your mining package you have first to replenish your Deposit Wallet in the “Finance” section. Two payment types are available as I’m writing this post: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and Bank Transfer.

Enter amount and choose “Bitcoin” to replenish with crypto currency. You will be directed to Coin Payments where you can choose one of the five coins.

Every day a new payment processor will be added.

Once the Deposit Wallet is replenished, you can purchase your personal mining package!

When trying to purchase your package you will be ask to fill out your profile details. Please do so to comply with the KYC (know your customer) regulation.

All field in this section are mandatory. Please fill out every field. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address into the field “Withdrawal Account ID”.

To get your security token please click on “Request security token to email”.

Once you’ve submitted all your data, your Mining Package section will look like that:

Nexus Global Mining Packages

Click “purchase” and choose which account you want to pay with. Payout Wallet is the wallet where your commissions and earnings will end up. You can use that one to buy packages as well. Otherwise choose “Deposit Wallet”.

After you have purchased your package, you will receive your invoice which looks like that:

Nexus Global Invoice

Tutorial videos will be uploaded to all company channels shortly! I will post them in my Telegram Channel:

Meanwhile you can watch my self made tutorial video:

Stay tuned!



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