Nexus Global – Compensation Plan

Dear Partners,

if you followed by previous posts you probably know that the Nexus Global website was launched on 23th March 2018.

If you read that post in time, you still have a chance to participate in a raffle and win a holiday trip for two. Click here.


And the thing that is even more exciting is the compensation plan that was published.

Nexus Global offers 12 BTC mining packages, tailored to customer specific needs.




Package prices vary from 25$ to 50.000$ depending on the Hashrate provided.

With every package you get a guaranteed minimum Hashrate.
To calculate your potential profits please visit…/calculator/ or

To get your rates please select BTC as currency, enter your package specific Hashrate and adjust cost per kW/h to 0.

Example: You buy a Silver II package at 1.000$. The minimum guaranteed Hashrate is 4.000 GH/s.

With the current BTC price (8,142.04$) your annual profit will be at least 854,64$. Please remember: that’s based on the guaranteed Hashrate and might be higher.

Please also watch my video with the full compensation plan and referral program:

We expect the registration to be opened on the evening of 27th March 2018. To get registered plesase read here.

Happy earnings!



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