Nexus Global – Not just Mining – New MLM company

Dear Partners,

If you follow my blog, there is a high likelihood that you’re a crypto enthusiast. Just like I am. If you are, you probably know what crypto mining is. Mining can be pretty profitable, if you do it right. I have a small Ethereum mining farm that delivers 160 Mh/s. It took me months to gain all the knowledge needed to set up the farm.

However, you don’t have to be a specialist to make money with mining. There are quite a few mining companies on the market. One of them is Omnia. Omnia has been working reliably since August 2017. One of their co-founders Christian Michel Scheibener is now starting a new project: Nexus Global.



Nexus Global claims to be a transparent sustainable mining company. From day one you will be able to see how many petahashs are already available BEFORE starting.

They plan to start off with four coins: BTC, ETH, LTC and XMR. You can join a mining pool starting from 25$. Different markets will have different minimum investment packages.


Every package will be working for two years. Profits will depend on the Hashrate available and the current coin price. An average break even point is estimated to be at 8 to 9 months. Assuming that, your investment will be more than doubled in two years.

Nexus Global will be mining with two different technologies: ASIC and GPU. The biggest investment package will be 50.000$. Apart from mining, Nexus Global will also focus on the following business areas:

Binary options
Online betting on Crypto
Forex Trading (automated)
➖ Crypto Trading (automated)
➖ ICO / IPO (eg E-Sportscom ICO / Coint ICO)
➖ USD / GBP / EUR exchange (Fiat in cryptography and cryptography in Fiat)

Mining will have a binary affiliate program as a base. The other seven products will be marketed via an uni-level system.

The binary system will offer 10% direct bonus (from your first line) and 10% from your weaker leg. Uni-level will have 8 levels: 2%-1%-0,75%-0,5%-0,4%-0,3%-0,2%-0,1%.

There is a matching bonus over 5 levels and a career system both of which I will explain in a separate post.

Nexus Global has not started while I’m posting this. I will continue with my due diligence and will post the website link here.

Please feel free to do your own research. You can start with checking out the official Facebook group.

Please also watch my video:

I will keep you posted.

Best regards,




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