Alpha Cash – Selling Portfolios

Dear Partners,

If you’ve invested in Alpha Cash, you probably remember the conditions under which you can withdraw your deposit. If you take your investment out after 30 days, you pay 50% fee, after 60 days you pay 25% fee, after 90 days you pay no fee!

A week ago Alpha Cash has implemented the “selling portfolio” feature which will allow withdraw up to 50% of your deposit during the BETA.

If you hit Investments –> Portfolios, you will find a little “sell” button. That will take you to the following screen:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-30 um 23.22.35

Depending on the maturity of your investment you can sell 15%, 30% or 50% of your portfolio.

To do so, you just choose the percentage you want to sell and hit “sell”. It will take from 1h to 24h until your sold piece will end up in your profit box. From here on you can send it to your multi-wallet and withdraw to your personal wallet after that. I’ve tested that and took me 7 days to get 50% of my BTC portfolio out. By the way: you can sell one portfolio a week.


If you send your sold portfolio to your multi-wallet and invest from there, your account will be blocked!!!

Why would Alpha Cash do that? Well, that’s considered cheating on the affiliate system. The way they see it: You take your investment out and invest it again to make your sponsor earn affiliate commissions twice. Which is bad for the financials of the company.

Another news that was announced: Minimum BTC withdrawal amount was set to 100$ temporarily because of high Blockchain network fees.

A series of testimonial videos was released recently. They are all in Russian.

But there is one new video that explains Alpha Corp. It’s in Russian too. However, I thought it’s worth putting some English and German subtitles on it. Check it out:


I hope you like it.

PS: You need a personal registration code to register at Alpha Cash. Please drop me a note if you still have no code.

Happy earnings!



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