iSeiko – New Design and Leadership Event

Dear Partners,

it has been pretty quiet around iSeiko. It has been paying for more than 4 months with no issues. However, no major news were launched during that time. The company does not invest any money in advertising whatsoever.

The main promotion engine is the community. If you find iSeiko being listed on monitors, that was sponsored by team leaders,  not by iSeiko directly. Many of us were waiting for any news. A new web design was promised a while ago. A new office in Switzerland and a leadership event in Hong Kong was promised on the last webinar which was a bit chaotic anyway.

When entering this morning, we’ve bombarded with two big news at once: the new web design and the leadership event in Hong Kong.

The new web design appears in black and look pretty appealing (at least to me).

iSeiko new design

One of the big changes is that you have to log in with your Y number now. This is mine for example: Y10126.

The first thing that will jump at you is the invitation to the first leadership event that takes place in Hong Kong. That’s the original text:

“Heading Out to Hong Kong for New Impressions” 

Dear investors of iSeiko. From December 1 2017 to February 1 2018, there will be a 2-month promotion event for our active partners – “Heading Out to Hong Kong for New Impressions”. Within 2 months we will be keeping statistics of all our active partners and take into account all the work done by them. Those partners, who fulfill the necessary qualifications and personal sales volume according to the terms of promotion on our website, will go for a free trip to Hong Kong sponsored by iSeiko. The first 50 partners, who fulfill the personal qualification conditions before February 1, namely getting 35,000 invited investors, will be able to get a free journey at the expense of iSeiko. Only your personal invitations are considered. All the statistics and counting will be performed automatically. Any agent willing to fulfill his dream and go on an unforgettable journey, now has a great chance to do it with minimal effort. This is our sunny gift to the most active partners and our way of thanking you for cooperating with us.  
With best regards, iSeiko. 



So they don’t mention the actual date when it will happen. But they would tell what we have to do to qualify for it. We will have two months to generate 35.000€ personal sales in order to qualify. Personal sales is basically the turnover in your first line. The number of seats is limited to 50.

With all being well I shall see you in Hong Kong.

Happy earnings!




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