Alpha Cash World Event 2017

Dear Partners,

The first Alpha Cash World Event is taking place in Antalya, Turkey right now. From 1st to 5th December Alpha Cash leaders from the CIS region are receiving lots of exciting information around the company and its development. There is a YouTube livestream that helps you follow what’s happening in Antalya, provided you understand Russian. Here is the first part of the conference:

For those of you who don’t understand Russian or don’t have the time to watch the video, I’ve summarized the key facts below.

Alexander Reprincev, who is leading the BETA testing out of Ekaterinburg (Russia), was the main speaker. He started off with explaining how it all started back in May 2016. This is when ICOs started to gain momentum. It was clear from the start that Alpha Cash will do no ICO because it’s a simple collection of money with very little value added for the customer. At least that was the philosophy of Alpha Cash founders. They wanted to offer a complex solution to their customers. The crypto currency market was still young. The potential it was offering was pretty much untapped.

The origin of Alpha Cash claims to be Spanish. Alexander Reprincev, who is leading the Cryptopride team was chosen to lead the BETA testing efforts. His team has successfully launched and promoted Ethtrade in the CIS region.

Fracisco Martinez called Alexander to explain the concept and show him the white paper. This white paper will be published soon, by the way.

Further, Alexander explained what Alpha Cash has achieved in three months of operation:

  • 50.000 sign ups
  • 1,5 billion RUB (25 mln USD) capitalization
  • 13.500 investment portfolios
  • Litecoin was added as the third currency after BTC and ETH
  • 40 high quality offline seminars
  • 50 webinars
  • 25 fully branded offices
  • 15 new offices are scheduled to be opended in December 2017
  • Alpha Cash has sponsored an arm wrestling event
  • 40% months profitability was achieved (excluding currency growth)

Francisco Martinez came on stage accompanied by an interpreter. Fracisco was introduced as the Development Manager Europe. A few more representatives of Alpha Cash came to Antalya:

  • Paolo – Development Manager Latin America
  • Andres – Public Relations
  • Anna – Personal assistent of Andres
  • Martin – Technical Development (joined virtually)

Alpha Cash Francisco Martinez

He has released a few interesting pieces of information:

  • BETA test completion is at 80%
  • BETA test will completed in the first months of 2018
  • The next Alpha Cash World Event will take place in February 2018
  • Alpha Pay and Alpha Broker will be launched in 2018

Alpha Pay smallAlpha Broker

He also told us that Andres made a lot of progress in preparing the launch of Alpha Cash in Latin America. The first markets will be Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Brazil will also be in focus. Europe is scheduled for the first months of 2018.

Basically, all work is done to be able to start with the global expansion in 2018. The expansion will be managed out of Alicante in Spain. A short video showing the Alicante office was shown:

He also promised a big update that we will find on the website, still in 2017.

The Alpha Broker team was introduced via video to the audience:

-John Smith (team leader)
-Jason Ruiz, New York
-Susana Munoz, Madrid
-Oman Gaines, Boston
-Rahjit Nambiyar, Delhi
-Tonny Yang, Hong Kong
-Anna Evans, London


The vision of Alpha Broker is offering customers trading services by experienced traders. Customers will be able to pick a trader they trust most. Customers will have visibility to the trades being performed with their funds and will have access to PAMM accounts used for trades.

Following services will be launched in near future:

Apha Pay – Allows payments with Alpha Cash debit cards all over the world using crypto currency.

Alpha Change – Exchange services allowing to perform exchanges between different crypto currencies.

Alpha Broker – Brokers offering their services in crypto currency trading.

Alpha Academy – Education services for crypto currency newbies.

Alpha Wallet – Crypto currency wallet that follows a different philosophy than wallets that we are used to (Coinbase, Blockchain). Alpha Wallet will not just be a gateway like many others are. You will be able to technically own your cryptos (similar to a hard wallet).

That was the latest news from the Alpha Cash World Event. I will keep you posted if any big news will be released the next days.

Just a reminder:

In order to regsiter in Alpha Cash, you require a personal registration code. Please ask your sponsor to get it. If you have no sponsor, please feel free to contact:

  • Telegram: @limbix
  • Skype: limbix80

Happy earnings!


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