Resonance Capital – Registration Process

Dear Partners,

due to the recent developments that Resonance Capital is experiencing, the interest to join the company has grown significantly. That’s why I get many emails asking me to explain the registration process. That made me decide to create a short step by step instruction.

1. Step – Get your affiliate link.

Ask your sponsor for his affliliate link. Format of the link is pretty simple: After clicking on it, you will be directed to the main page.

2. Step – Click on the registration button

You will find the registration button in the upper right corner.


3. Step – Fill out the registration form

After clicking on the registration button, you will see the following screen.


In the first box you will find the login of your sponsor. If the box does not display the correct sponsor please delete your cookies and click on the affiliate link again.

In the second box please enter your desired login.  It must contain from 5 to 17 Latin letters and / or numbers. If your login is available and not reserved by someone else, the box will turn green.

In the third box please enter your e-mail address. Gmail accounts offer the best compatibility.

In the fourth box please enter your phone number. It has to be the correct phone number since you’ll get codes sent via SMS to confirm several transactions like withdrawals.

In the next step you have to confirm that you understand the Customer Agreement, Agency Agreement and Risk Disclosure.

Finally, please go through the Captcha process and confirm.

4. Step – Enter your password

After you have successfully managed through the registration screen, you will be directed to a screen where you can enter your first name, last name and the desired password.

You will be able to change it in the back office anytime, in the “My Profile” section.


5. Step – Receive your first email

Now you can log in. Right after your first login you will receive the following email:


This is your first investment that is sponsored by Resonance Capital! After 28 days the 5 USD will generate 5,60 USD.

For every new portfolio you will buy, you will receive a bonus credited to your TEST portfolio.


In order to release and withdraw the TEST bonus you would need to purchase at least the next bigger package. E.g. to release the 10 USD TEST Bonus that you received for buying a Start package, you need to purchase at least Bronze.

I hope, this short instruction will make it easier for you to register. If you still have questions, please hit the contact button and send me your question.

Happy earnings with Resonance Capital!




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