Resonance Capital – Summary from Dubai

Dear Partners,

As you probably know, I had the pleasure to attend the first Global Resonance Capital International Conference in Dubai 1-5 November. With this post I would like to share my impressions with you and provide you with the latest news about the company.

We had five very exciting days in Dubai with an action packed agenda.

Day 1 – Arrival

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-06 um 21.26.04.png

Dubai is probably the most glamorous place in the world…luxury cars, fancy hotels, cool people. The conference took place in the Rixos Premium hotel which is only four months old.

Day 2 – Conference

The conference was led by two Resonance Capital representatives:

Janis Mironis – Product Development

Alex Kapperis – Technical Director

Bildschirmfoto 2017-11-06 um 21.33.54




Janis started off with some general information about Resonance Capital and talked us through the various stages of development of the company. He explained the different business areas Resonance Capital is involved in.


Some of the trading reports were published that are supposed to prove the real crypto trading activity of the company.


He didn’t miss out to mention the new high end investment plan “IPO”:


The big news of his part was the new investment portfolio “Cryptopool” that will be launched in February 2018.



Cryptopool plans will offer profits from 237,5% to 480% per year. I heard a few critical comments about the high end plan “Cryptopool special” since it offers a very aggressive ROI. However, I’m not sure many investors will buy it. 250000 is quite a high entry level.

After all, this whole Cryptopool promotion is just a teaser for what might come in February. The exact profit rates are not set in stone. But I kind of like the promo video. Check it out:

Alex Kapperis was next on the agenda. He gave us 11 reasons why Resonance Capital is a good place to be.




It was all around risk management, comfortable investment conditions, security and more.

Janis came back on stage and threw a few interesting numbers at us.




It was very important for him to point out that all offline work done by Resonance Capital agents should be declared as “Consultancy Work”. Resonance Capital agents are highly recommended to be acting as trainers and not accept any funds from customers. Customers funds will be accepted by Resonance Capital only. This will avoid the agent to require a financial license and helps him avoid high taxation.


It was not published on any slides but the company is planning to open an official training center in Tallinn, Estonia in December. Top gents will be able to receive first class training from first hand.

Towards the end of the day the Award Ceremony was announced. All leaders with rank “Director” and higher were asked to come on stage to receive a big check with the amount that was earned with the company so far.


One name on that list of Presindents will probably look familiar to you.


During the gala dinner some more important information was released.


The next Global Conference will take place on the Maldives.


This time 50.000 USD of turnover will be needed. Parameters are a bit different from the Dubai qualification. Only the first level volumes will be counted (100%). Personal investments don’t count. That tells me that the main target group is team leader and not private investors. The qualification for Malevides will most probably start end of November.

Day 3 – Sight Seeing

Do you really want me to post all the pictures from Dubai? Don’t want to become jealous. Alright, I will give you two.



Day 4 – VIP Party on the Yacht

100 out of 200 participants were invited to join the VIP party on the yacht. And that was probably the most fun of the conference. Luxury yacht, music, dancing and lots of great and successful people.






Day 5 – Travel back home

We had amazing five days and it was time very well spent. My overall impression was pretty positive. If the company will do what they have promised to do during the event, we’ll have a lot of very exciting time ahead of us. I’m especially excited about the global expansion of the company. Africa and Asia just starts to gain momentum. And I believe, this is just the beginning.

All the pictures I used were taken with smart phones. Professional pictures will be online in a few days and can be found on the Resonance Capital website.

Please also watch my video summary for more details:

I will keep you posted on news and updates.

Best regards,


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