Resonance Capital – Conquering Vietnam

Dear Partners,

Resonance Capital has been on the market for 8 months. This company has truly become a global company and it’s constantly increasing its global footprint . Participants from 20 different countries will attend the first Global Conference in Dubai on 1-5 November 2017.

Every week new teams from all over the world are joining Resonance Capital. Beginning of October a very strong and progressive team from Vietnam joined the company. Just one month later they have opened a very fancy new office in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Here are some images:




According to the Resonance Capital management, this team is the fastest growing across the globe. End of October they counted around 2.500 registered partners.

That was reason enough for the company to give that team the “official representative” status.


The “Vietnamnetwork” team will show up with 30 participants in Dubai!

Just recently they have kicked off the qualification for the first official Resonance Capital event in Vietnam.


The qualification period is from 28th October 2017 to 10th December 2017. The event itself will take place on the 18th December in Vietnam. The Resonance Capital management team also confirmed their participation.

In order to qualify for participation, customers would need to buy at least a Gold package.

  • Gold – 1 ticket
  • Platinum – 2 tickets
  • VIP – 3 tickets
  • IPO – 1 ticket + iPad Air 2
  • 2 IPOs – 1 ticket + MacBook Air
  • 3 IPOs – 1 ticket + iPhone X

Are you Vietnamese and want to participate? Please call or email Tracy:


Happy earnings!





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