Alpha Cash – BETA Test – 52% completed

Dear Partners,

if you signed up in Alpha Cash, you must have received this email today:

Alpha Cash Email

Since Alpha Cash is intended to be exclusive to Russia & CIS, that email is in Russian. Of course. So what does it say?

The BETA Test completion is at 52%!

Guess what happens if 100% will be completed? Right. We finally get the English language! Not only that. We get support in English. If you need support today, the quickest way to get it, is contacting the Telegram support bot: @AlphaCash_SupportBot. However, if you’re a non-Russian speaker, they will turn your request down saying that during BETA they work with Russia & CIS only.

Please don’t get disappointed by that. There is a huge positive aspect to that. They want to make sure that the platform is properly tested before it hits a very demanding European market. They also want to avoid that non-Russian speakers get disappointing when using the Russian version of the website because they might have difficulties to navigate through the website. So if you are a BETA tester, and you need urgent support, please contact me. I will have it coordinated for you. Just like I did for quite a few of my partners.

So what else if the email saying?

They thanks all BETA testers for their patience and kindly ask to report any bugs to

A big update is scheduled for this week. Some graphical and technical improvements will be implemented. Some of the profits were not considered so far and will be credited this week. I believe they refer to the Invest-Bonus that increases your passive income with every new rank you achieve.

In future we will get weekly updated on all technical work performed on the website. A special content development team is being set up.

The first leadership event will take place in Moscow on the 28th October 2017. All leaders with a team turnover above 100.000$ can sign up for that event.

All participants will get a chance to receive the latest news and updates about Alpha Cash. They also get a sneak preview into new products that are being developed and can meet the management team.


It will be a closed event with no video reports. I cannot attend due to some other commitments but I’ll get a heads up from my upline who will attend the event. I will keep you posted.

Happy earnings!



How to register in Alpha Cash.



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