AFX Options – What a Hype!

Dear Partners,

I’m not sure why I’m writing this post. You probably know about “AFX Options” anyway. That project is making hell of a noise on the market.

I have partners in many different geographies: Europe, Asia, North America, South America. I even got one in French Polynesia. A big shout out to Toa!

They have all heard about “AFX Options”! Well, I got to know the name just a few days ago. People have been calling it “Big 2017” or “Project X” for months. PDFs with the compensation plan and the career plan have been floating around. And everyone was saying: “It’s top secret. Don’t share with anyone. I got real good contacts in the company. And you will be the first one to get the link”. And guess what happened? Everyone was sharing with everyone. Some would post that photo claiming that they have signed a “Firstliner Contract” with the company.


If you search on YouTube, you’ll find tons of videos, even though the project has not started yet. The start is planned for 15th September 2017. By the time you read this article it probably has started already.

So what’s the deal with that mysterious project? The call it the German Questra. That’s how it was promoted. For some reason promoters think that “made in Germany” will help them get more referrals. Well, they might be right. Anyway, it is not German. The head office will most probably be in Alicante, Spain. Seems to be a hot spot for companies like that. Cryp Trade is also based there. They also plan representative offices in Ireland and a few Asian countries.

How does the company claim to make money? Arbitrage, Forex Trading and Crypto Trading.

How much can you earn as a passive investor? There will be 7 different portfolios:


Do the portfolio sizes look familiar to you?

The bigger the investment portfolio the lower the purchase commission. All portfolios offer a gross profit of 5,9% per week. In order to calculate the net profit, you need to deduct the purchase commission. That would make the bigger portfolios more profitable since you are paying less commission to buy them.

There is one additional interesting feature. If you hit the re-invest button, it will activate 100% compounding for the first 12 weeks. If you do that, you get a 10% bonus on top of your portfolio value. Eg. for the Master portfolio you would get 270 € if you keep re-investing for 12 weeks.

Profits will be accrued daily. However, you can withdraw on Fridays only.

The website will start off with two payment processors: Bitcoin and Advanced Cash. Other payment options will follow.

How much can you earn referring people?

Did you work with Questra? If so, you will understand the career system easily.


There will be 9 career levels and 3 bonus levels in between. The affiliate commission from your firstliners will increase with every new level you reach.

To reach a new level you have to meet three criteria:

-team turnover

-minimum personal investment

-your strongest partner can contribute with max. 50%/75% to your team turnover

The last criteria will determine whether you get the Career Bonus or not.

For partners in your second line and below your commission will be the difference between your career rank and your firstliner’s career rank. E.g. if your firstliner is in Level 2 and you are in Level 5, you get 4% from all his referrals.

The URL of the project is

I will make some more research before I decide if I join. If I decide to do so, you will find my affiliate like down below.

Stay tuned!

Best regards,









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