Alpha Cash – First profits, first offline activities

Dear Partners,

I had the pleasure to get my first profits from Alpha Cash on 8th September 2017. Here is a snapshot of my profitbox:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-11 um 19.56.25

The first weekly profit was 1,9%. That’s the profit the company was able to generate during the first week of operation. Here you see all my portfolios listed separately.

Quick reminder: In order to withdraw your profits, you need to transfer funds from your profitbox to the multi-wallet.

You might wonder why one of my portfolios received 0 USD. This is because I set one of my investments at 100% re-invest.

By the way, I received more than 1,9%. I received exactly 7,5% more because of the Invest-Bonus. Just a reminder: The higher your status, the more bonus you get on top of your earnings.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-11 um 20.16.54

I’m a Protector. That’s why the 7,5%.

Offline Events

You might remember that the platform is still in the BETA phase. So far only Russian speaking investors are being targeted. The Alpha Cash management has the goal to have the platform tested and all bugs fixed before they hit Europe. “European customers are very demanding. That’s why we want to make sure that the platform works with no major issues.” That was an official statement made by Alpha Cash.

Meanwhile, Alpha Cash is getting some real power on the Russian speaking ground. The first offline presentation took place on the 9th September 2017 in Moscow City. Here are some impressions from that event:



Here you will see Natalia Hristolyubova und Alexandr Medvedev, official speakers of Alpha Cash, holding a presentation about the company.

Also in Ukraine, in the City of Chernigov an offline presentation took place.


Andrey Orlov, one of the biggest leaders from Ukraine, is presenting the company in front of the audience.

This is just showing that the company takes it serious. And I’m really excited what we can expect from Alpha Cash in near future.

Stay tuned!

If you still need a registration code please contact:

Skype: limbix80

Telegram: @limbix


Happy earnings!

Best regards,




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