FCT Academy – A new crypto giant?

Dear partners,

have you ever heard about Crypto Maniacs. If you are not a Russian speaker, you probably haven’t. They are known as “Cryptomanyaki” in the Russian speaking world. That’s a group of very successful crypto traders. And they have started a new MLM project:

FCT Academy

FCT 2017-08-20 um 19.34.43

The name of that company would already tell you what their core business is. It’s all about teaching and educating people about crypto currency and the opportunities it offers. You can attend some of the trainings for free. For some advanced and individual trainings you will have to pay.

Apart from trainings you can earn money from crypto currency trades they perform using your money. We all know that this is potentially just a story. But I would suggest you judge yourself. All their trades are published on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYydVEi-4ABzd6Po1ginCBQ

So what can you earn with FCT Academy?

Monthly profits vary from 15% to 30%. You can already start with 0,01 BTC. BTC is the only currency they accept for the tme being.

Minimum deposit: 0,01 BTC

Maximum deposit: 150 BTC

Minimum payout: 0,005 BTC

Payouts are processed within 72 hours.

You can withdraw profits an affiliate commissions twice a month: on the 1st and the 15th.

You can learn all about the investment plan from the video below:


FCT Academy also offers a very attractive career system. The higher your career rank, the more benefits you get:

-higher affiliate commissions

-career bonuses

-higher payout limits

Payout limits is something I want to mention explicitly. That’s a tool that helps stabilize the cashflow. I honestly think that deposit limits would help too. Just like with Alpha Cash.

Nevertheless, I believe that FCT Academy has a lot of potential.  I especially like the payout limits and the fact that you can withdraw just twice a week. That concept has proven to be effective for Cryp Trade Capital.

That gives the company 2 weeks time to analyze the cash flow and make a decision based on that. Companies that pay daily and promise 2-3 days payment processing have not enough time to understand if the cash flow is still healthy and might make wrong decisions and close earlier than expected.

I admit that the design is not very appealing as of now. But the website is still in BETA phase. Thus the design might change right after the BETA phase. And you might remember that Cryp Trade Capital didn’t look as shiny as it looks today from day one.

If you wan to test the project and have a look at the backoffice, feel free to use my affiliate link:


Happy earnings!



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